In my life, I have had the pleasure of encountering a great many paradoxes. The list of things that I have seen and heard of that are true, but simply should not, is a long and winding list. I've seen wealth found in poverty, misery found in joy and life found in death itself.

But no paradox is greater than the paradox of love. It even defies math itself by merely existing. For love is the equation in which 2 must become one while yet remaining two. Nothing is added, nothing is taken away, yet somehow, the equation changes.

Love if a friendship, but yet something deeper. Love is human, yet somehow magical. There is very little about love that the scholar can say about such an event, but they are great ones debunking and defiling it.

But what on earth do they know? Scholars so bright and hell-bent on dismantling and destroying the paradoxes that make life so good that they fall prey to the vices and miseries of human existence. They will never know true love, for they spend too much time analyzing it like a scientific study, never stepping back to just accept it.

For love, much like life itself, is more than the sum of its parts. It's somehow deeper and more powerful than anything ever put into the equation. Like all great things in life, it's a paradox in its truest form and rather than questioning or analyzing it, we must simply accept it and let it be.

For if we pick apart the equation now, we might simply be left with the meager parts, never again to experience the whole…

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