As we travel through life, we are moving without the benefit of signs, maps or a guide. Like wonderers lost in a giant wood, we know where the paths are, the directions they head and, perhaps, where we want to go, but we know nothing about where the paths may lead or how long they will carry us.

Basically, we're lost travelers, constantly at the mercy of the various perils of the world around us, wondering from path to path, decision to decision, never knowing if we're going to get where we think we're headed.

We make the decisions the best we can, judging all of the variables we can see, but never really knowing what lies beyond the next bend. It's a frightening prospect and one that has broken many souls. We live in fear and uncertainty and that is our permanent state.

Yet, we press on. The air often grows cold and the nights are long, but we press on. Not because we want to or because it's easy, but because we have to. There is no going back, there is no alternative.

But if we press through these tough times, if we keep ourselves warm on the long cold nights and survive the hardships that nip at us every step of the way, we are rewarded. No path can stay uphill forever and no trail can remain rugged for all of time.

History is paved on the backs of the souls who quit, those that couldn't push on or find the new path. However, it's written about those who do, the ones that break through and find something worthwhile at the end.

So, if a path is a dead end or taking you a wrong direction, don't hesitate to take another one. Even though you don't know where it leads, it can hardly lead you more astray. But most of all, keep yourself warm when the nights get cold and don't let the perils of the forest get to you. Though they might alter your course, if you can keep pushing past the difficulties, greater things await.

For life is a game for those that don't give up. Those who go just a little bit further see things until their end and push on through hardships. Victory in life isn't determined by money, wealth or fame, but by having enjoyed and cherished the human experiences.

Sadly, it's hard to cherish life while you're watching it pass you by. That is why we must keep moving and constantly progressing. Even if we're not the first, we can still be the happiest.

For the struggles we face along these paths make the triumph of beating them that much greater and they offer wisdom which can help us with the trails we choose to follow in the future.

Wisdom, which can bring even greater rewards.

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10 Responses to Paths

  1. Ben says:

    How true life is only as good as we chose to make it time spent complaining or worring is time that is lost. The good things in life are never just handed to you. They need to be made for ones self.

  2. Tyler says:

    Don't these "perils" make life interesting? Frogive me, I'm not usually a questioning person, but these trials and tribualtions are a necessity to keep us interested in life. We would become very "board" with livig if we knew exactly what was going to happen or if we knew that everything would always be "ok". We, as human, need this forest and the rocky path, without what would be the oint of living?

  3. Ben says:

    Faith can work wonders

  4. Matt says:

    Whatever wisdom or reward lies at the end isn't important. Excuse the cliché, but it's the Journey that matters. No one cares about getting a degree, they care about the four years of stupid fun that preceed it. The slot machines in Vegas aren't important, but the road trip there is the fantastic bit. Whatever misfortune befalls you on the Journey, it's irrelevant. Provided you retain perspective, the ride's the fun part.

    The moral: Don't Whine. Have Fun.

  5. Rachel says:

    i really needed to hear that…ive been feeling alot like Job, but pre-praise…for about a year now since the passing of my dad the day before my 17th birthday my family has been headed down a path full of dark forests and pitfalls, i know i should keep going and keep my head up but its really hard…thank you for you rant though, it really helps me see things in a more positive way…

  6. Dajari says:

    That is really what I needed to be able to get through a tough time in my life, thanks!

  7. Frankie says:

    Raven, it never fails whenever I come to your site I always feel a little bit more enlightened and more aware of the world. You’re an inspiration to this writer in the making. There isnt anything on this forum that I have not read. You truly are an artist with words Raven.

  8. Bran says:

    "Go out in the woods, go out.
    Go out in the woods, go out.
    Go out in the woods, go out …"

    It's from a story that has stuck with me for a few years now, very much a growing number. And the thing I remember most is the lesson it teaches.
    "The most important question, in order to see into and behind, to weigh the value of all that lives:

    Wooooor aiieee th' soooool?
    Wooooor aiieee th' soooool?"

    "Where is the soul? Where is the soul?"

    (Quoted words are: Excerpted from "The Wolf's Eyelash", original prose poem by C.P. Estes, copyright 1970, from Rowing Songs for the Night Sea Journey, Contemporary Chants.)

  9. the winged beast Meike says:

    Well I don't care much for paths, I simply make my own. It's all chance and fate if you believe in that. Anything can happen at any moment that can affect the outcome of where you may or may not go, and if you get there. The paths are just guides, not the maps. Well atleast that is what I think.

  10. Rain says:

    Same for me. I choose my own path. But you got some good pointers here. Believe in what youi want.

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