It's been said that the key to perfection is imperfection and that is very much the truth. The only thing that is perfect on this planet is life and life itself is riddled with mistakes, hills, valleys, times of joy and times of hate.

Some men still obsess about the idea of perfection. Some spend their entire lives seeking moral, physical, mental or even ideological perfection. Benjamin Franklin was one such man. He donated his entire life to being of perfect moral character and standing even resorting to keeping a diary of the sins he committed. Though Franklin was indeed a great man he was hit with perhaps the greatest flaw of all, an ego that was ten times too large and far too easily bruised.

If Franklin or any of the other countless questers for perfection were to achieve their goal and become flawless they would quickly find that their perfection is their greatest error. Think of the pressure, the focus and the energy it would take to be flawless, even at just one thing. Think of how those energies could be better spent, writing great books or songs, inventing new things or even achieving new heights in the athletic arena.

Though all of these achievements would be flawed in some way, their sum would be far greater than the accomplishment of a single perfection. We owe it to ourselves to accept us as who we are, flawed but in the end perfect specimens.

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