Picture Perfect

What the Hell happened to me?
When did I go from someone who was so mighty
so strong
and fade into the person I am today?
I used to know how to smile for God's sake
but somehow I forgot
and I haven't remembered for some time now..
The simple things that once brought me joy
have all been turned into guilty pleasures
and all the memories that made me smile
are now too faded to enjoy
I've gone from being a person
whole and complete
to being someone trapped within his own mind
a prisoner of my feelings
How can I run away
when I don't have the heart to stand?
How can I fight this
when I can't rouse the energy to care
You've won
I'm a slave now
I hope you're happy
You've caged the bird
and grounded him for life
You conquered me
scorched me
destroyed me
and now you have me on display
like a picture
just an image of what once was
flat, motionless
but easy to hold and own
I hope you enjoy your picture my dear
I'm sure you have me in a nice frame.
How much patience did it take to cage me in?
It doesn't matter
You've won either way
It's all over
You own me, place me on your shelf
and point me out to your friends.
It's my role now
my job.
I now just live to please
and if I broke free I would surely die
So use me, trash me, trade me
I don't care anymore
A heart can't beat within a frame
and you can't have a soul in 2-D
That's just the way it is
and the way it always shall be.

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