Pride: Five letters, infinite meanings, two shades. It's one of those tricky words in the English language that has countless meanings and can be either good or bad.

You can have good pride: Pride in your nation, pride in your achievements, be proud of your children or pride in your accomplishments.

However, there is a point where pride crosses this imaginary line and becomes a terrible character flaw. We set this limit different for each person and every individual decides where that limit is for each person.

This wouldn't be so bad if we didn't give some people breaks when it came to their pride. People in power, people with money and people with some kind of social status can think the world of themselves while we scoff at even the slightest hint of pride from your hard-working citizens. People try to immediately quell their attempt at pride.

But is not the many who collects your trash as important as the one who writes your software? Is the man who scores the winning points for his team any more important that the one who prepares your food? No, my friend, no.

We are all essential to this society and to make the world work everyone has to be proud of their role in it. Instead, we refuse to let our "underlings" feel that pride because of our own ego issues and our own problems with esteem.

It's sad, but we have to realize how important everyone is to our lives. Everyone plays an essential role and everyone has the right to be proud of their job, their standing of society and their life as a whole. So be proud my friends and let others do the same.

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