I pound at the walls of my soul
until my fists begin to bleed
I scream as loud as I can in hopes
I'll find some kind of escape. From here
the echoes pound in my head. The noise
begins to fade away with no hope
for love, no chance for life I cry…
I'm a prisoner within my mind

As fear begins to grip my thoughts
and choke the life strait from my eyes
the tears that once blinded me, now force
me to see the truth. The panic that grips
my mind would love to see me die
but it's cruel, unjust and painful scheme
just gives some life to a broken soul.
I'm a prisoner within my mind

The world will keep spinning despite
the hate I feel inside and time
will just keep moving along as if
to mark my sentence here in Hell. I hear
the ticking clock like war drums in my head
but thoughts of silence wish my end.
I'm stuck in the bowels of hell and now
I'm a prisoner within my mind.

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