Quoth the Raven, "nevermore!" The famous line by Poe.

It is a powerful line, it has many meanings and many different uses. It's been misquoted, misinterpreted and even misread but the meaning has survived. Or rather, meanings.

One can easily take it in the context of the poem and read it as a piece of dreaded news, information that no one wants to hear though it is the truth. It can represent a death or the passing of a friend or lover for they are truly "nevermore".

However, I put a different spin on that famous line. For you see, when this Raven cries "nevermore" it is a stand of defiance, a stand against the world and a stand for myself. Nevermore shall dark thoughts plague my mind, nevermore shall I be weak and humble before the masses and nevermore shall I be a victim to anyone's whims but my own.

It is a testament to inner strength, a testament to survival against innumerable odds and it's a testament to the power of the heart and mind. I have taken what the world could throw at me and I survived, I took the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and beat them back with my clinched fist. I conquered my enemies to become the soul possessor of my mind. I became Raven…

So from here unto eternity I shall no longer be a slave, I shall no longer be a creature of futility and denial. I shall allow the hellfire that burns within stay strong and keep me as such, I shall walk in the darkness constantly to remind myself of how precious light is. I shall stand tall and proud, I shall stand victorious…

Until later, never cry, never smile, quoth the Raven, "nevermore!"


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