Questions will always be more powerful than statements. Questions will always linger longer than declarations. But most importantly, questions will always change the world long after their answers have been forgotten.

Because a questions, a good one at least, does more than say "Here I am" and take a seat in oblivion. A question is a challenge, it demands to be answered, it begs to be dealt with and it commands the attention that only a threat to the status quo can deliver.

It doesn't matter if the question is "Why must life be this way?" or "What is the capital of Colombia?" a question challenges the recipient to answer it, it challenges someone to think.

In the best case, the question is answered satisfactorily and forgotten. It then becomes a whole statement, just like any other and takes it's place in the rows of facts in the mind where it is destined to be forgotten or at least unused.

Other questions aren't so easily answered not because we don't know the truth, but because we don't like it. These questions are usually silences before they are spoken for they draw attention to the unpleasant and force everyone to think about what they have forcibly pushed aside. There are many words for asking these types of questions, none of which are pleasant, but the truth is that every great leader, big and small, has had the guts to ask them and challenge the world below.

But still more questions have no answers at all. These questions are the ones that linger. With these questions, the challenge goes out, but is never answered. Like spotlights, these questions highlight what we do not know and often times what we will never know. They accent our limitations as people and as human beings. Because when we realize we don't know the answer or, worse yet, that there is no right answer, we realize what it means to be mortal, to not know everything, to have limitations.

But despite all of this, we have to ask questions, we have to challenge the world to think for it is the only way to grow. As a species, it is our mind that sets us apart and if we do not constantly expand our knowledge by challenging the envelope, then we are no greater than the countless species we have the courage to call inferior.

So my challenge to you, my question for you dear reader is to question everything. Ask the hard questions, ask the ones that people shy away from, ask the ones people dare not think about or would never ponder willingly. Because while expanding the envelope will always bring about a little pain, anything worth doing, anything worth saying, will always hurt someone. But that doesn't mean it would be best left unspoken…

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3 Responses to Questions

  1. Aimee says:

    I think the question that will always plague me is "Why?" I think about that everyday. I want to know why certain things happen and others don't. I want to know why certain people do one thing and others another. I want to know why and how someone would perposely hurt another person. I know most of my questions will never be answered but those three letters will bother me until the day i non exist.

  2. Rashad says:

    can't wait to read your book and can't wait to go out with you

  3. Virginia says:

    Why is earth the only planet with chocolate? HA HA

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