Reality is but a figure of speech we use to represent all things real. However, reality is a great trickster waiting for a chance to sneak up behind you and say, "Gotcha!"

Far too often the truths we hold to be self-evident aren't, and things that we think are real are just illusion.

That alone is enough to confuse many people, but throw in our TV's our video games and all those other things that are designed to fool our senses, it's amazing more of us aren't going insane.

To keep that from happening, let's do a reality check. I am me and you are you, you are not I and you are not that model on TV or that video game star. You are you, be proud of that.

The flaw in that is that we are all made up in part of our surroundings. That means that you are the people around you, you are your influences so you are I. Same as I am you. We are the plants, we are the sky, we are the water but yet, I am me and you are you, how can this be?

Confused yet?

Well, all that I have have to say is that reality is sitting on her throne somewhere laughing her ass off. When she gets control of herself, she's going to look you in the eye and say, "Gotcha!"

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