It was the end of everything
For both you and I
The world that we knew
Was now set to die
But since that world brought me
Nothing but pain
I could care less that it
Will never be the same
But somehow that didn’t stop me
From cling to fears
Even as the day of ending
Is drawing near
So what’s a man like me supposed
To do tonight?
When everything in the world
Just seems to right
I can hear the whispers come from
The past again
Everything we have I just never
Want it to end
I know that I must be brave
For my own fate
Because I know that love will never
Just sit and wait
While I sit here in the dark
And begin to pray
Wishing to the stars above
That my love will stay
I know that if I just
Keep all my faith
That our love will never
Start to dissipate
But it’s hard to remain
So solid and true
When the past begins to
Sneak up on you
But when the stars come out
For the night
My love for you will burn
Just as bright
Because there’s not much
That I can do
When there’s only one thing
I know that’s true
And that is as long as lovers
Hold their heads up high
That the fire that burns for you
Will never die

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