Walking through the midnight air
in the garden of the pure
living a life that is not my own
tied by vines the light has shown
Everybody thinks they know me
Everybody thinks they hear me
The frightened child inside his mind
The one who's soul is theirs to grind
But as the grip does tighten more
Drawing the blood I've lost before
The rage begins to build inside of me
Churning and bubbling much like the sea
I know soon things will come to pass
and the ties will be thrown at last
I don't care how much blood comes from my veins
As long as the horse you ride throws his reigns
I will not be yours to rape again
To break my heart with your sins
So know that in the end if I should die
it's a free man you see there lie
and hold your head in sorry shame
for you only have yourself to blame.

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