I saw something different
when I looked into your eyes
Although you smiled and said hello
I saw through all those lies
Because I know I hurt you
it's that I can't deny
Though you said you forgave me
somehow you make me cry
Even though we stayed best friends
we both knew that was false
We both just carried on
dancing this horrid waltz
Despite your smile and handshake
I know you're pained to see my face
I wish I could remove that hurt
and let some joy take it's place
You simply can't imagine
this regret I feel inside
I never meant to hurt you
and when I did I almost died
If I could do my life again
I'd do it some other way
I'd never let your eyes tear up
I'd find something else to say
But now I know you hate me
and I deserve it for my sins
But every time you smile at me
it breaks my heart again
So now that I'm leaving
don't wave or say goodbye
Because if you're truly my friend
you'll let me pass you by

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