If I disappeared tomorrow
Another writer would take my place
If I died suddenly and tragically
Any soul with a voice could carry my message
If I quit and walked away
Someone else would do my job
And If I decided I wasn't strong enough
Almost anyone could protect my friends
But if I vanished today
Would you miss me my love?
Or would someone just fill the void in your heart?
Would someone be able to take my place with you?
My place in your bed?
My place in your life?
My place in your heart?
Because if someone could my love
If someone could make you happy
Then let me step aside now
Let me disappear once and for all
Let someone else take my place
And bear the burdens that I carry now
If someone else can take my place for you
Let me go the way of ancient Gods
And disappear into oblivion
Let me nestle down at a truck stop
Somewhere on the edge of nowhere
There in the corner I'll sit
With my hat covering my face
Hiding, sulking, being replaced.
If I am truly expendable
Then let me go there
Because I grow weary of fighting
I grow tired of pressing on
I'd rather bow out with grace and applause
Then forever live a lie, doing another man's work
But if you'd miss me
Even for one moment on some distant day
Then I won't budge
I won't give
Because some things are worth fighting for
Some things are worth dying for
And if love is not such a thing
Then it's life itself that's a lie
And I am just a piece of a larger puzzle
That spans the entire universe
Making paper look oceans deep
So if you need me as much as you say
Then I'll be here
By your side
Never moving
Always fighting
Waiting until I do become replaceable
With my hat in hand
And my route to nowhere mapped out
On a napkin in the back of my mind

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