Sea of Souls

If I stand here silent
at any time of day
I can hear the hounds calling
calling me away
You see just beyond my realm
there's an endless sea of black
it's filled with drowning souls
but to them I turn my back
Their cries truly pierce my ears
and beat within my heart
Because I know their pain to well
and we're not that far apart
But I leave them there to cry
screaming from the pain
I know that many are dying
dying all in vain
But I can't go back to help them
because they'll pull me in
Instead I just freeze my heart
and ignore the screaming men
By the time they start drowning
I simply do not care
My escape was permanent
from that sea of black despair
So now it's onward that I walk
into the endless night
I leave the screams behind me
because it's not my fight
Maybe I'm cold and evil
but my fight still roars within
and if I turn back now
I know I'll drown again
So please forgive me
you poor souls in that hell
I simply can not help you
I'm just an empty shell…

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