Somewhere near the shores of dreaming
overlooking the cliffs of humanity
there is a spot where the rocks jut skyward
and the seas of pleasure and pain meet
before crashing into the pillar of stone
Though the sun is always shining bright
and the view is forever perfectly clear
there is nothing but confusion and chaos
upon this column of jagged stone

This is where our hearts are forged
where our very souls are cast and made
But most of all, it is where we all return
on those endless nights when we're searching
searching for something more

Each and every one of us has been here
though none of us have seen this place
We've all stood upon that mighty stone
and stared longingly into space
We dream of Gods and demons
we dream of memories gone by
we inhale the salty scent of love and heartache
as the seas of agony an extacy mingle at our feet

We all know this place exists
we feel it in the pit of our being
We know the loneliess found atop the stone
and the frustration of never seeing enough
We've all leaned forward that one hair too far
and screamed as we were grabbed by the sea beneath us
where we get tossed and turned
just another lost soul trying to swim for shore
while drowning in himself

But it's there on the shores of dreaming
as wet, naked and battered souls
we finally gain the wisdom we sought
As we cough up the last drops of misery
we see the miracle in just being alive
Overwhelmed, we start dancing
skipping down the black glass beach of dreaming
singing a song, flinging the notes at the air

Maybe we're laughing at teardrops
or crying at the wind
but at least we're free from that jagged stone
at least until we come searching
searching again for something more…

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2 Responses to Searching

  1. ticey girl says:

    i luv it! its deep poetry expresses a lot of emotions in a unique way ands it ver y creative how they use it and i think it should be tought through out all schools. im not talking like "roses are red violets are blue"! im talking deep peoms like this kind right here its deep and its what u experince in life and for some it it cools thim down when they have had a long day>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Kelley says:

    Love the poem keep up the good work!! ~*Kelley*~

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