Soulless Creatures

In the three and a half years I have been running this site, I have done a lot of hypothesizing about the untimely deaths of many men and women: the cause, apathy.

But the fact remains, there are those among us, those who roam the planet without as much as a hope or a dream. We have many names for these people, some polite, some not: loser, quitter, 9-5er, zombie, just to name a few. But they all have one thing in common, quiet contentment with themselves and their role in the world.

Many of them have jobs, they go to work in the morning, come home in the evening and go to bed at night without anything else in their life save perhaps another zombie. Call them a productive member of society if you wish, I'll call them what they are, a cog in the machine.

What ever happened to bettering oneself? Whatever happened to doing something? Has television replaced the drive and desire to make something of one's time on the planet? Has capitalism so corrupted us that we dare not even strive to take grasp of this precious time on the planet?

For these people, the answer is yes. They will never amount to anything but a cog, they are incapable. Call it programming, call it defeat, call it whatever you will, but they are broken people, soulless creatures who turn the cranks of society without a thought on the wherefore and why.

With no sense of purpose outside their job and home, no sense of creativity and intellect, no ability to do anything lasting. They live, they breathe and they die so uneventfully hardly anyone will notice.

The world will not miss them when they are gone, two more cogs are right behind them waiting to take their place. They will be grieved for and tossed into the ground without the world missing a beat. It's no loss to humanity.

The only way to avoid that fate is to get off the couch and do something. I will gladly play the role of cog if it paves the path to break the machine. Which is why I work very had at what I do, but always see my real job as being the one that's not 9-5.

For when I die I want the universe to pause and take note. I want all the cogs in all the machines in all the nations in all the worlds to stop, for but a moment, to realize what they have lost. So I will give what I have, all I have, into making myself more than the sea of zombies, more than the mass of humanity, to make myself important, essential, critical.

It is those who think they can change the world that do. You've heard that a million times not because it's cliché but because it's true. I think I can change the world, I know I can change the world, and I will fight until my last breathe to do just that.

Because even if it is a futile cause, even if the end result is defeat. It's a better fate than that of the soulless masses. At least I can say I lived a full life, that I gave it my all. Where they rotted in quiet contentment I will have striven for glory and that alone will make me greater than they.

For being better than a bunch of cogs may not seem like much, it still puts me above the majority and thus, better than average… It's something to think about…

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