Starless Night

There were no stars out last night
the midnight air was painted black
the moon hid behind the clouds
like a shy stepchild waiting to shine
There I stood
under the orange glow of a streetlight
tapping out some old tune
with the sole of my foot
I wanted for you to greet me
and offer your embrace
But you did not come my sweet
never showed your alluring eyes
in the orange glow
under they shy moon
hidden in blackened sky
With a glance at my watch
I saw it was time
and with a heavy heart, I walked away
But don't worry my dear
as I disappear into the nighttime fog
I'll be here again the next night
and the next
hoping against hope to see your face
Because love is about waiting
waiting for the fires to burn
So I'll see you another night my love
I'll be tapping that tune
under the orange streetlight
beneath the shy moon
hidden in the blackened sky.
I'll be waiting there for you…

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