Summer Night

On a long and solemn night
in the middle of a southern summer
we sat underneath the moonlight
whispering in the dark
though a million words were said
not a one could be heard
over the sound of teardrops falling
into the dew-soaked grass
Just when the shattering of two hearts
grew too much to bear
our minds started wondering
pondering what was said
searching for right answers
to questions never asked
seeking what could have been
while watching what we had blow away
with the winds of heavy breaths
Slowly we found ourselves hanging to every word
like reading the last chapter slowly
just trying to postpone the end
Because when we run out of things to say
and goodbye can be said no more
we're disappearing into the distance
like mist fading into the cooling air
Soon there will only be memories
and the photographs that remain
cold comfort for an empty pillow
and the questions wrapped around my head
I just hope that you think of me
at least until the end of time
that you won't lose me like I lost you
on that solemn night
when the teardrops fell through the warm summer air

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36 Responses to Summer Night

  1. xXx Bouqet of Knives xXx says:

    Emotionally great. I just got out of a hard relationship to where I don't have the pleasure of a friend to help with my aching heart, its hard, and all you want is to still be able to say hi. But with you Raven, and others who read and get inspiration from you to help, you solve the questionable "hello" to not be heart broken, but heart warming. Thank you

  2. Nima says:

    Vivid images come to mind…too fast can words be said that are not meant to be uttered and tears shed that aren't meant to fall…
    That's all the words I could find to comment on this poem

  3. Orrin says:

    It is very good, I wish I could write near that. I really like it.

  4. Irvin says:

    Nice, Very Nice. I can't Come up with something like that. Only like emotional poems (they suck).
    Nice Job By the way.

  5. Serpent Tongue says:

    Simply beautiful…that's all i have to say

  6. Mark Morgan says:

    This poem is one of my favourites on this website so far.

  7. No name says:

    this Is an excellant poem! does it mean the end of Raven's rants or is it the end of a relation?

  8. Shelly says:

    Absolutely beautiful…Actually brought tears to my eyes.

  9. Bran. says:


  10. Patricia says:

    your poems are so amazing. they always bring tears to my eyes..

  11. Belinda says:

    Wow I like this poem it kind of remindes me of a poem that I've done before but mine didn't sound as good as yours love it anyway didn't bring tears to my eyes but good.

  12. Andrea says:

    painfully beautiful.

  13. Sara says:

    i guess i'd like to say it's pretty, that seems to be what most people want to hear. instead, i will say that it strikes a chord in me. unheard questions, right a long the lines of unspoken promises, which have been a big part of my thoughts lately. it's not. . . overdone, as so many poems are about goodbyes, tears, and loss. it's (and this will sound corny and overdone) just right. it's the truth, holding on and slowing it down. knowing somehow that it's inevitable, but making it last as long as possible, because goodbyes can't be revoked

  14. jane says:

    pure exellence..well it is yours i read your poems and just fall in live with them all of your work is aknowledged great.

  15. jennifer says:

    i love it!! your poems are the greatest!

  16. Megan says:

    Awesome..I love the description…very beautiful.

  17. Indriana says:

    Beautiful…I can just picture everything so clearly. Thank you

  18. Andrea says:

    Yet again, another great poem. 🙂

  19. Christi says:

    This poem is truly beautiful. It brought a tear to my eye. You write with such detail, it's as if I was there.
    All of your work is awesome, keep it up! =)

  20. Courtney says:

    the images that your poem gives is great and about the only constructive critisism (i know i spelled that wrong) i can give is that the beginning doesn't really flow with the rest of the poem but hey i could be wrong just read all the comments people have been giving you and this is only my observation

    great job with the imagry though!

  21. Joanne says:

    Hey i read your poems all the time, i know youhear this all the time "Raven" but your poems are so deep i write my own i dont show them though cos its supposed to be a thing or closeness thats what is to me anyway.I know your a good poem but your work touches me more of my soul and i just want to tell you this cos you really make me see the world i do.

  22. death sought me says:

    … that poem in its entirety described my fiance and i … unfortunately those same tears that were unleashed during that warm summer night still fall to this day. i know i shall never come to meet you but it feels like my emotions feed you and there out come words all of which spoken from you. perhaps one day i'll talk to you and i'll attempt to speak the words that might feed your emotion.

  23. mel says:

    ….it was an amazing poem Raven, i send you the best future because you are so talented, you capture emotions that are quite alot of the time lost, and i felt a little tear on my cheek while reading this and that takes a lot!

  24. Raven says:

    Hi Raven, im Raven, love your poem 🙂

  25. Emberstar says:

    I believe I was there with you.

  26. Black_Soul says:

    I feel the same way. I feel that i was there.

  27. Valkyrie December Mercy says:

    You have done it again. I another empoweing piece of literature that i will remember and treasure. You are a very gifted writer. I hope what i write captures people as you have captured all that have read your poems.

  28. Ausgirl says:

    hey this is such a beautiful poem. im using for an english assignment on the Gothic, but it touched me so deep. keep up the writing, its beautiful man.

  29. Ti says:

    unwanted memories brought back by reading this. it's good but i can't stand reading it makes me want to cry and i can't have that, not again…

    to cry is to know that you are alive so therfore my river of tears has run dry.sorry to tell you but a cold heart is a dead heart

  30. myemeraldmind says:

    "Slowly we found ourselves hanging to every word
    like reading the last chapter slowly
    just trying to postpone the end
    Because when we run out of things to say
    and goodbye can be said no more"

    That part really got me, you are a wonderful poet Raven. Your gift gives everyone inspiration and hope. I thank you so much for shareing your talents with us we are lucky to read your poems.

  31. Andrea says:

    As I was reading the comments, I thought I had already commented because someone chose to steal my name. hahaha.(joke) I was thinking "When did I get so smart as to say something like 'painfully beautiful'?" Then I realized I'm not…haha… So here I am again saying, another great and touching poem. (I really need to expand my vocabulary, I'm going to go the dictionary now. hahaha)

  32. clara labrier says:

    shit man thiz iz like the bezt poem ever written!! i love it. i am going to by the bookz to thiz. hope you think the same.

  33. Bones the Blue Skull says:

    your poem is truely inspirational…being in such a painful but beautiful place eases the soul..thank you.

  34. Taylor and Karina says:

    wow. you have been through a lot of heart breaks or you like a certain girl alot. it could just be a daydream or fantasy or just a random thought but wow. you are really good. we are soo looking foward into getting your book and hopefully meeting you! we LOVE your poems and keep on going
    Love yours truly,
    Taylor and Karina

  35. katie says:

    this poem reminds me when i had a summer fling and i cry casue me and this guy still tlk lol

  36. michael says:

    hello can i buy hotel 12 september 2006?i can sleep there 12 days.thank you.

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