I remember how it began
with tempers flaring and heartache nearing
We were saying words never meant to be said
and now we're hurting one another just because
we were too weak to face ourselves
We cry because we love
We cry because we care
But we forget that in this world
everything has a price
and that even teardrops aren't free

I held your head in my arms
and I tried to caress the pain away
But no matter how much I wiped your eyes
or took back the words I said
I couldn't stop you from hurting
and as pain creates pain
and suffering creates suffering
It becomes clear that we live in a world
where everything has a price
and even teardrops aren't free

As I'm driving off into the distance
I can see you standing there waving
with the tears still fresh on your face
I try to remember every word we said
and I try to understand the price I'm paying
as I speed into the darkness of uncertainty
leaving pieces of myself behind
pieces that are mere tokens demanded by a world
where everything has a price
and even teardrops aren't free

Now we're miles apart my love
and I haven't seen your face in years
but your pale blue eyes still haunt me
every night as I drift off to sleep
I hear you've moved on with your life
and that you've found another lover
one that only makes you smile
But I'm still crying my love
I'm still caressing the pain
and I'm still paying the toll claimed by this world
where everything has a price
and even teardrops aren't free

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5 Responses to Teardrops

  1. Isis & Ramsey says:

    Beautiful…… i love all of your poetry it has raven writen all over them ….take my advice dig deeper… deep inside of yourself that you never thought you had it's called unfinished talent don't get me wrong you have talent but you need to bring out the best of you it's all about thinking harder and becomming one with your words once you did that ppl will find there selves in a world that you created ……… best wishes and keep it up *death + writers = Isis and Ramsey* ps.if you need any help on your skillz feel free to write me or ramsey

  2. filth&frostbite says:

    stunning… i wish my skill could merely be in your range… you have great talent and my thoughts often relate to those words… stunning

  3. Shelby Wright & Carly Smith says:

    Violent Carl=as you can see, i am showing pretty much all my friends your work. You are extremely talented and i hope that you like the extra view points.
    shelby=it was really deep. i liked it alot. is it okay if i print some off and put them up in my room? the poetry you write is much like Carl's. the cloak of darkness was unrobed for a mere second in my pathetic life when i read your words. nice work!
    Violent Carl=anywho, once again this was a great poem. it reminded me of Tim again, and how everything we went thru had a price. your poems speak the truth, and i respect taht. email me sometime.
    your faithful reader,
    Violent Carl…and Shelby!

  4. Marie says:

    Hey, a bit of plagiarism is happening with your website, there is some1 at my school with all of these poems saying that she wrote them & trying to get them published when I said to her nah you got these of Raven she reckoned you stole them off her!!!
    Oh & by the way keep writing, these poems are, honestly, amazing

  5. tear drops says:

    first of all love the title… I ejoyed this poem and all your writtings they are very intreging!!!

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