The Black Forest

Imagine the feelings a traveler must have as he approaches the edge of the black forest. The thoughts and fears that he must feel about heading into the vast unknown that towers before him like a wall of wood and leaves.

He'd look upon the fields and meadows that he trekked through before, turn around and follow one of the massive trees that is staring him down from the ground to where it's leaves meet the sky.

How far does it go? What creatures of ancient lore lie here? He would ask himself as he stared at the edge where the clean-cut grass and the wild underbrush of the forest meet. Can I survive such a trek? He'd think as he stared deep into the woods until his eyes could take him no further.

The noises of the birds and rustling of leaves would shake him to his bone until he would dread taking his next step. The winds that blow across the grass are gentle but the trees sway and threaten to break up high.

Now envision that man is you. You can no longer walk through land you can see and you must take your first step into the vast unknown. The Black Forest looms before you and everything about it seems to instill a deep gut-wrenching fear inside every fiber of your being.

The traveler would then slowly raise a foot and with a sigh plant it into the soft soil of the Black Forest. But would he turn back unable to face the terrors that lie ahead? Only time will tell my friends, only time will tell.

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