The Blind Man

There is an old adage about a blind man groping in the darkness for a light switch that simply isn't there. It's how the answers we seek are typically no answers at all. How the way we attack a problem is often no attack at all.

As humans we seek simple solutions to complicated problems. The everyday issues of "I'm not happy" or "I don't have everything I want" are often answered with silly counters. Sometimes these solutions drive men to slave away in useless directions or hold idiotic and often dangerous beliefs.

It's easy to blame someone or something for a problem, especially when they can't defend themselves. This leads to scapegoating, racism, and wasted hatred in general. Rather than picking apart the complicated problem and seeking an equally complicated solution, people look outside and find conspiracies and other fools who they have never known and things they have never seen to blame their troubles.

Then the solution becomes simple. Destroy the cause. This often brings much-needed focus into one's life and pushes them to extremes. But soon it's clear, it's all just a useless and senseless quest. This leaves the fool empty, hollow and no closer to solving his problem and the failure just sets him on another quest to find another scapegoat.

But have to wonder, should that blind man every find that light switch and flick it. When he discovers that he still can't see, would he blame the light bulb and assume it broke, would he think the wiring went bad or would he look inside himself and see that maybe there isn't something wrong with the world after all, and it's really just him.

To that, there is no easy answer.

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