The Country We're Creating

There's no doubt after the election that the world, especially the United States, is changing and in frightening ways. Though I'm no "tree-hugging liberal hippie" by any stretch, I am a concerned libertarian, a freedom fighter in the truest sense of the word.

And that's why, as I look at the world we're creating, I am terrified to no end.

We are creating a country where sex, especially homosexual sex, is more vulgar and despicable than war. It's a country where a dictator in his own country is more evil than an unprovoked invasion and a government that lies to us is rewarded with re-election, not a subpoena.

We are creating a country where we surrender freedom after freedom with no guarantee of security. It's a country where the word "terrorist" is used like "witch" or "communist" to snap us in line and make us sign away our rights.

We are creating a country where a fundamentalist Christian regime is somehow better than a fundamentalist Muslim one. It's a place where we battle ideology gone awry with more ideology gone awry, pitting faith against faith and heart against heart.

We are creating a country where we write off dissonance as un-patriotic, censoring different opinions, not with force, but pettiness and name-calling. We now question others loyalty rather than their ideals and, when we have no answers to give, we accuse them of helping the terrorist, either with their words or their actions, thus liking them to cold-blooded killers.

We are creating a country where we solve budget crises by upping the amount we can borrow. It's a land where we spend billions on a baseless war but still cut taxes and increase benefits to save face, regardless of what it means for future generations.

We are creating a country that's polarized between two similar ideas. It's a country where most are forced to vote "against" someone else and never get their true views expressed, even by the candidate they elect.

We are creating a country that burns bridges with former allies and angers the rest of the world. It is a country that's a Gulliver of the globe, but quickly earning the wrath of those it treads upon.

But most of all, we are creating a country that has abandoned it's ideals. It's a country that's dooming itself to go the way of the Romans and Greeks, not through rampant hedonism and decay, but through arrogance and anger.

We are creating a country that's so blinded by its hate and its fear, that it's stumbling straight into the traps history has laid for us. Where great nations rise up, America is stooping down. Our citizens are rising to the occasion, but are being lead in the wrong direction and we are creating a nation that will pay for these errors.

Perhaps not in our lifetime, but soon enough to be certain and, to me, that's the scariest thing of all.

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12 Responses to The Country We're Creating

  1. viccie money says:

    I often have these same thoughts and feelings.I feel that the government is very sick and twisted.I myself am against every thing that it stands for.

  2. Jason Zapata says:

    I can understand your concerns Raven, I too share many of them. But sadly, I don't think these things would have been altered by the electing of either of the candidates. Kerry wasn't going to take a stand on any issue that was going to make him seem more "liberal" (strange how that word's turned into a swear word of late in politics)or weak. And quite frankly, the fight for homosexuals is basically the fight of the black in the civil rights days of the sixties. I don't think people are really seeing this for what it really is and the fact that the conservatives have the control of the government that they do worries me. And I consider myself one!

    But the main problem is the lack of involvement by the youth in this country. So long as we act as a muted group and refuse to take political action it's only going to get worse, no matter who is elected.

  3. eternally bleeding says:

    i live in england and i don't understand all of the issues in america because they seem to me quite censored on our news shows and newspapers. but i know enough to know its bad and it's getting worse. i watched the elections and didn't think either party was much better then the other. but it does scare that 'dubya' is back in office. after iraq i didn't think he'd be relected but he obviously has been. another iraq? that's a scary thought.

  4. Black_Soul says:

    I feel the same way about all this. i hate the government. They are horrible people. I'm aganst everything that they are doing.

  5. hellflower says:

    I too am terrified of the path my country has taken. There is nothing good coming in the future, nothing good happening now, nothing good has happened in the recent past. Everything has gone wrong. Our allies no longer trust us. Other nations actually hate us. And our own citizens distrust and hate the path our country is on. I agree with them all. These are sad and dangerous times.

  6. ivy says:

    Sadly enough, reading this is true. It disappoints me that a country as ourselves are so proud of who we are, and in some cases are, but honestly reading this really puts you in the spot and makes you think. Choice for Presidents this year wasn't too promising. I've seen brighter minds out there, but somehow, those we're our picks among others. I wonder what it would be lke if we actuallu didn't vote a rep. or dem., what about the grren party the libertarian party,or the independents, ross perot, '92, c,mon, they do persuade our votes, but we never see what they have for us because people believe that these rep. and dem. have somethig to offer and some have, but the same values ad traditions are being recognized such as the thing s you have stated. Personally I'd like to see something different, see what could happen. see what could change.

  7. Andrew says:

    Yeah, I'm really curious about what's going to happen when our government realizes what it's been doing to itself the past decade. Seeing the look on GW's face when his empire comes crashing down around him will be a riot.

  8. samatha says:

    i see what you are saying and agree most definaly to no end do i agree but i would like to bring up something to all about our rights as americans amd those of you who are not amricans i would like you to read this too because i want your opinion but what they are tring to do is pull all our rights right out from underneath our feet and i personaly dislike the voting on homosexual peoples right to have a marrige sure i dont know all the facts on it but i think its quite rude for people to vote on peoples rights like that i think that the people of who ever is doing this should quit being so nosey because its really non of their bussiness weither or not they get married gay or straight they should be allowed to have a normal life marrige and everything there are many things i can not stand about the government but if i were to name them all i would be up for two days straight

  9. Bloody_Snow says:

    I am astounded and appalled by our government today. How could they POSSIBLY put up for vote whether homosexuals have the same rights as heterosexuals?! The funny thing is, that while I agree that the youth of America is a quiet group, the reason is is that we are left speechless by the stupidity of our government and amazed that the majority of the population seems to be buying into it. I, for one, am moving far, far away from America as soon as I can. I cannot bring myself to stay in a country that engages in such senseless violence. And I agree with whoever said that America needs a drastic change in government.

  10. Silent_Voice says:

    I'm from Canada, but considering that the United States is the most poweful country in the world. There decicions affects the world. Plus since Canada is so Geographically close to the U.S we know just about everything that goes on there. So let me just say this, those who fail to learn from the past, are doomed to repeat it.

  11. Raven Nocturne says:

    If I may quote a line from an Otep song, "puritans have invaded." At the risk of sounding naive, it amazes me to no end the stupidity of the general public. It sickens and disturbs me greatly. I ask but one simple question: "What will become of us?" Well, it seems I've found the answer. I get sicker of politics every day.

  12. April says:

    I agree with you completely. I think that if a 15 yr. old can see these things that something is terribly wrong. The government sickens me to no end.

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