The Dawn or Twisted Ballad

Tantalized by the trigger
pointed at his head
Tempted by the thought
that he'll soon be dead

Tortured and shunned
by the pain deep inside
Stabbed and wounded
by another fool's pride

Praying and hoping
for eternal rest
Wishing and groping
for the knife in his chest

Burned and scorned
by the fire in his eyes
Stung and crippled
by the venomous lies

With one foot ahead
the other astern
He marches to the horizon
he hurries his turn

One sun sets
while another doth rise
Blinded by his vision
the young man cries

He walks
blackened grass at his feet
He walks
never to be beat

A thunderclap rings out
the final call has come
The shot has been fired
his body lay numb

It's the dawn of a different day
a very different kind of day

*Note: stanzas 1, 5, 7, 9 do not
appear in Twisted Ballad*

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