The Dreamers

The quickest road to mediocrity is to quit dreaming. Because the moment you stop dreaming is the moment you stop reaching for something more, the moment you stop growing and the moment you stop excelling.

A dream, as passive as it is, represents a desire, a fundamental wish to grow and to be more than one is. As long as the dream is there, the eternal flame is still lit and could erupt into a fiery inferno at any moment.

But without it, there is nothing. Just an existence from day to day that's as meaningless as a blank piece of paper. Sure you can be a contributing member of society, a good person and even a success in business without a dream, but what's the point?

Because dreams are not something to achieve, but something to live for. That's why they evolve and change to keep the true dreamer reaching, stretching and climbing for more. Like a mountain that grows taller near the peak, a dream must never outgrow the dreamer, but rather keep pace with him.

In turn, a dreamer must be someone who is always willing to meet that challenge, someone who is never frustrated by the constantly extending finish line or having the carrot pushed farther from his reach. The dreamer is someone interested only in the trip and not the goal and doesn't care when, or if, the road ends.

Because while it may seem to be a frustrating lifestyle, for someone with the right mindset, it's infinitely rewarding. And when everything is said and done, the dreamer can look back at how far he's come and smile knowing he's done more, seen more and lived more than those who let go of their dreams so long beforeā€¦

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5 Responses to The Dreamers

  1. Azra says:

    So……….have you accomplished your dream? Or are you still dreaming???
    That's what i'd like to know……
    As a dreamer (who is just about to give up her dream for design) it makes me question my judgements on why i am giving up design in the first place…

  2. dark dreamer says:

    dream…i think in the type of dream you are talking about, its another word for a goal, so, most of us have goals that we set, and in my opinion you can either acomplish them, or give up and thats all there is to it…well not really but in an odd way that sums it up.

  3. Ken says:

    I see a dream as something more than a goal. More abstract, maybe. As raven said, the dreamer is not really interested in reaching the destination, but in the trip. A dream may not even have a goal, or maybe the dream is made up as one goes through life with no end in sight.

  4. Lady Ravana says:

    Life is but a dream…

  5. RougeInuyasha says:

    "You never give up your dreams where we are pure and inicent. It's our own world..our own little corner…but..if you let them go you must face reality, and learn to bare your cross." Sometimes it's hard to give your dreams. Though your poem proves a point…there is another point to be proven…"Sometimes to do the right thing, you must be steady, and give up the things you want most…even your dreams." So please Raven..please remember that.

    Darkest Blessings

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