The Herd

It's interesting to watch a herd go by. To see many men or ladies dressed the same, talking the same and acting the same. It's interesting to watch as their mannerisms are mimicked by each other and they strive to match with those around them. It almost seems that there is one mind among the group and that one mind reeks of ignorance.

I have no herd nor any letters to identify whom I belong to. I am my own, I do my own thing and this my friends, makes me a freak. I'm sorry my fashion isn't up to par or my hair what you desire. I'm sorry that my ideas are too advanced and that my thoughts are too deep. I'm sorry I can see the herd for what it is.

Difference ruins conformity and the herd needs conformity to survive. Difference raises questions, questions not easily answered by mice or men and such questions lead to betrayal which leads to the extinction of the herd. For this the herd seeks out defiance in any way it can and tries to crush it no matter how small the uprising.

I wish I could agree with the herd. It might be fun to go places with a dozen other people. It might be fun to always have people to play games with and tell jokes to. However, it wouldn't be fun to be attached to so many people and have my worth attached to them as well. The herd members sacrifice the self for the sake of the group and that is where I draw the line.

Tell me now you hate me, spit on me if you so desire. Shower me with insults and pepper me with blows. I can not be hurt by such feeble attacks because while there is strength in numbers, there is also weakness. I see this weakness clearly and I know, yes, I know that my very existence, my very being attacks you at your weakest point.

Just remember the non-conformists change history, the followers are forgotten…

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