The Loner Among the Lonely

I am the loner among the lonely, the misfit among misfits, the outcast among outcasts. I am the one who even in the cradled arm of the rejected, the hated, the abused, can not find a sense of comfort every human being should have. I have been shunned by those who know pain all too well, but don't understand the pain they cause, I am abused by the beaten boy.

I am tormented by the prisoner of years and branded by the cattle. What did I do to deserve this fate other than try to carve my name into the face of the planet where others have feared to cast a glance? What have I done? Whom did I destroy and mutilate so badly to deserve this fate worse than death? I ask you, what have I done?

I suffer so constant, I pay for the invisible sins daily, hourly. I feel the whip of society crack across my bare back more often that others have even seen the whip. I speak the truth, but my tormentors punish me still as if my thoughts and hopes are too different, too strange for them to give a thought to me.

Am I so alien that I may never find a home on this planet or a pair of arms to cradle my soul in times of dark despair? Am I so foreign that all must stone and destroy the pillar upon which I stand. Must I pay the price for the deeds I have not done?

But my friends, I pay still, I pay always. The blood will trickle down my back for all time and the words of the ignorant will dig deeper into my mind destroying what little I know. I shall pay my friends, I shall pray you don't suffer as I have, no one shall. No one must.

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