The Other World

Have you ever imagined that there was another world just beyond your doorstep. Another universe just outside our own. A place where what we now consider impossible becomes possible, a place where what is now just fantasy becomes reality?

A place where the pen is truly mightier than the sword and thoughts mean more than gold. Perhaps a place where whatever we want is at our fingertips and our every desire is nothing more than a thought away.

What if I told you that such a world does exist and not just in a Lewis Carroll fantasy? That it's a place where we can visit anytime. It's a place just beyond our reach, but at the same time, within our grasp.

I'm talking about the world within our own minds, the place we live in all the time, yet know nothing about. It's the home of everything we love and everything we hate, yet we haven't even begun to understand it.

We can't comprehend the instrument of comprehension. The world within a world. As the instruments made by the mind are turned around to look at it we can only catch glimpses of it's true power, mere snapshots of what lies within.

Like trying to understand the darkness by turning on the light or dealing with death by bringing life we kill the very thing we intend to learn by studying it. Is it that we don't know how to learn more or just don't wish to? After all, the mind can be a scary place.

But to those of you who are brave enough to care. I dare you to explore some more, but not with machines or tools, but with ideas. Because the best chance we have at taming this brave new world lies not in the tools of man, but of the mind.

After all, who's better to study this new world than the only permanent resident?

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4 Responses to The Other World

  1. Sam says:

    one oed describes all… true

  2. Alicia says:

    I must agree with Sam "one word dose decribe all"

  3. the devil says:

    I agree, the sectarian violence in the streets of hungaria are really contemplating the nector in the trees of bombiyana. It would be thoughtless not to eat the crumpets that the girl made, especially when she had hair like your eyes. Look, its all reality, but can we comprehend it in a disorderly manner?

  4. paul says:

    This is a really cool rant. It really deals with what im dealing with now in my mind.

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