The Poet's Truth

The one thing that everyone associates with poets all across the world is that they speak the truth, that they see things as they are. However, if you ask most people what they think of poetry they will use words like "confusing", "impossible to understand" or "overly sophisticated."

It's not the poet's fault that his words can not be understood. Rather, it must be the world in general that has let it self become so separated from the truth, that the raw truth confuses and bewilders even the brightest of our planet. Some label poets as eccentric in an attempt to label what they can not grasp, but poets have seen through that.

There was once a time when poets were well-respected, invited to parties. There was a time when books of poetry were best sellers consistently and their authors revered like today's sports heroes. Now we punish our poets, banish them, force them to go hungry and make them do insignificant work just to survive.

A soul should be worth more than that, and that is exactly what poets give up. The truth should be worth more than that, but the demand end of the market seems rather bleak. Why do poets such as Li-Young Lee go unnoticed when they bare their soul while sports stars gain fame for one incredible swing? Why do we turn a deaf ear to the truth but turn up the television?

It is no wonder we are on the brink of chaos. With what we have done to our guides and our visionaries we deserve whatever price we pay. However, to save this planet from it's fate, it is up to us, the writers and readers of great literature to push forth the truth, push forth the depth even if the people do not want to see it. Like a child not wanting his medicine, the world needs poets, and poets need the world.

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