The Song

Our song begins to play. It's notes so light
and free they dance in my ears and blind my sight
I think of when we danced and laughed when we kissed
under the stars and held our hands in the mist
The song surrounds me with memories so nice
they make me sigh in joy. But with the slice
of a chord I see your back now turned on me
My hand outstretched it's you I wish to see
the notes hit deep as your betrayal shows
too clear. With every note the wound just grows
opening a pain too deep for words. The song
that once made me smile now seems so wrong
I told you things I've told no other soul
you have my heart but you have me still. While I roll
in agony because this song now harms
me so. The tears now come free. Now my arms
just hold my head but not your hands, just my tears
the tears I'll cry for you. Maybe with years
I'll forget your face your name and this song of pain.

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