Time is perhaps the strangest element in our world. No one can touch it, you can't see it, hold it or hear it but yet it controls every aspect of our lives. We have no ability to tame it, though we make some every day.

Even defining time is a challenge. Time is a measurement, but a measurement of what? It makes it possible to separate two events by great distances even if they happened in the same room. It also can make two people born thousands of miles apart remarkably close.

However, despite these things time keeps ticking, ticking away the moments of our lives. We try to fight it, to slow it if just for a second, we try to freeze moments of time forever with recordings and photographs and we even dream of overcoming time with hopes of future machines and ideas.

Despite this, time keeps marching, crushing us like a giant buffalo crushes a tiny ant. Even the mightiest of mind and heartiest of bodies will bow before time eventually. Whether one sees time as friend or foe, they will still be humbled by it some day.

It's perhaps the quirk in our nature or the greatest irony of life that makes it work like this. In this, the most tangible of all worlds, it is the intangible the undefinable and the completely ambiguous that drives us to our graves. Our mortality can not be defined by the things we can touch, explain and hold, it is rather defined by the greatest mystery of all, the mystery of the moment, the minute and the hour.

However, we will all learn the answer to that mystery. Someday, man shall overcome these chains and throw aside the prison that has always bound man to the ground. After all, it's only a matter of time…

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