For many a walk in the woods is a trip to nature, a return to peace. I also walk in the woods to return to peace, to cover the fire within. The sweet sounds for the forest bounce in my skull bringing a certain gleam to my eye, I wish to cry.

For the trees of nature that I hold so dear will soon be no more. Men with axes and saws shall take care of my wonderland, making it as desolate as all other human dwellings.

In a world which I feel alone the comfort of the wild eases me. Yet my precious trees, my loving forest, is doomed to face the same fate as my very soul. Burned and ravaged by careless fools intent on their benefit thinking not of the rest of the world.

When the tree falls so shall fall the very center of my being. In a world of cruel torture, crime and pain nature and nature alone holds fast in its good ways. Only nature offers comfort. yet it is forced to perish.

Much like the nature of my once good soul ravaged by demons not my own, ravaged by others' will. Now my precious nature, my serene scene must too perish. I mourn, I pity, yet I have no power to change.

As the whip cracks on my back, I scream in agony to all of you, protect the wild, but forget me. The trees can be saved, but I am forever lost.

Never cry, never smile quoth the Raven, nevermore.

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