Turning Corners

I can't escape you
no matter how many times I turn around
I see you there
looking back at me
your beautiful face
too tempting to resist
your smile
too wonderful to deny

Not a day goes by
that you don't cross my mind
Try as I might to shut you out
I'm powerless against the stray thoughts
that wonder in when my mind is quiet
or my heart is in need of a smile

I need to forget you
I need to find a different path
but you made me so happy
and loved me so openly
that I can never forget what we shared
Even as the years push us apart
and time fades those joyful memories
I feel drawn to you
lost in you
and hopelessly entranced by you

I hope you find your happiness
even in the arms of another
No matter if the vision destroys me slowly
I know you deserve something more
than an absentee lover
waiting to take you home

Just know that around every corner I turn
I will see you looking back
Your face both beautiful and haunting
a welcome image
of a broken heart

I cherish our memories
and wish things could be different
but no matter how much I love you
I can never change what is
what was
or what has to be

So find your peace
and enjoy your life without me
But promise you'll think of me on those still nights
when I'm turning corners in my mind
and staring deep into your loving eyes
but missing your gentle touch
or heartfelt words

Give me thoughts of warmth
to let this shivering soul have some peace
don't let me slip into cold oblivion
and let me remember when you were mine
when life was easier
and nothing more need be said

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115 Responses to Turning Corners

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  7. Diona Myth says:

    This was the best poem I have read in my intire life. From now on when people tease about being gothic, I won't let it get at me!

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  11. Quitarias says:

    Nice poem Raven.Definelty one of the works that are going to my sheet of fame.
    Oh and Diona you shouldnt care what people say.Be yourself and ignore the childish guys who cant understand that people are meant to be difrent.

  12. skulla myth says:

    best thing i ever read

  13. Nicole says:

    this poem would relate to me and my ex bf so well. Raven you do great work.

  14. Nastassja says:

    you took the words right out of my mouth.
    Thank you… cause i didnt have to say them.
    you're awesome.


  15. Ally says:

    deep and honest poem that you have written with the words of a broken heart that is trying to make peace with the one you loved dear. i too was that way but glad at the end that we were still friends even though we were separated.depressed and alone is the feeling when i see him but happy as i am to still have him close.I may be young to realize it but seemed to me that his love was blind and my heart still calls for love but the other heart hasn't called back.looking back on memories we had i cry because of his feelings didn't meet mine. -Allyson Zulaica

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