Turning Corners

I can't escape you
no matter how many times I turn around
I see you there
looking back at me
your beautiful face
too tempting to resist
your smile
too wonderful to deny

Not a day goes by
that you don't cross my mind
Try as I might to shut you out
I'm powerless against the stray thoughts
that wonder in when my mind is quiet
or my heart is in need of a smile

I need to forget you
I need to find a different path
but you made me so happy
and loved me so openly
that I can never forget what we shared
Even as the years push us apart
and time fades those joyful memories
I feel drawn to you
lost in you
and hopelessly entranced by you

I hope you find your happiness
even in the arms of another
No matter if the vision destroys me slowly
I know you deserve something more
than an absentee lover
waiting to take you home

Just know that around every corner I turn
I will see you looking back
Your face both beautiful and haunting
a welcome image
of a broken heart

I cherish our memories
and wish things could be different
but no matter how much I love you
I can never change what is
what was
or what has to be

So find your peace
and enjoy your life without me
But promise you'll think of me on those still nights
when I'm turning corners in my mind
and staring deep into your loving eyes
but missing your gentle touch
or heartfelt words

Give me thoughts of warmth
to let this shivering soul have some peace
don't let me slip into cold oblivion
and let me remember when you were mine
when life was easier
and nothing more need be said

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115 Responses to Turning Corners

  1. Dean says:

    Nice poem, Raven! I'm the first to post a comment! w00t! 😀

  2. unwanted_and_unneeded says:

    Dear Raven,
    I relate to this poem. Just recently my boyfriend and i broke up, i loved him and still do. Everywhere i go He seems to be haunting me, not wantng me to move on. I want him to be happy with his new Lady, but it kills me to see them together.
    Thankyou for writing this poem, it made me realise im not the only one thats lost someone i love.

  3. Christina says:

    I love it … along with all of your other works on the site and book.

  4. Matt says:

    It started out slow. I didn't really enjoy it until the sixth stanza. After that was great, but before didn't seem up to par with your other work.

  5. 666devilsbitch666 says:

    That was a really good poem.
    Great job.

  6. stephanie says:

    You are beautiful…

  7. Artemis says:

    This poem reminds me of how I feel about my ex from years gone by. We had to break up because he was moving. You see even though he's long gone and hs probably found someone else to look into his eyes and whisper "I love you" in his ear i can't seem to push his memory out of my head its like his ghost still haunts my heart and there are some nights in winter that I lie awake and think of him knowing that we'll never have another chance. Thank you,
    Forever Artemis

  8. oddity says:

    this piece means more to me than words can discribe i know this poem all to well its been 3 years scince we broke up i still see her…sometimes with other guyz its still hurts there is no escape i love her and i love your work you inspire me…

  9. sassy'n'punk says:

    wow this poem is so moving. you can feel this person pain and torture as they can not have their dear love ever again. obviously this person is haunted by the past of how there dear one has betrayed them, but they cant stop thinking about the happy times, and wants to let go of what they have done and forget about it, but in their heart of hearts knows it will never happen and they could never be forgiven.

  10. A.G.F. says:

    Gah I was feeling better until I read that poem. I think Im going to cry again -.- ……oh well, nice….yea….

  11. Sam says:

    I don't have the slightest inclination as to where your motivation comes from. But my friend, keep writing. Not only are you creating art for your satisfaction, you're helping others….excellent work.

  12. Fran says:

    How did you step into my heart and life? I could have written this poem myself.

  13. Kenna says:

    Wow. This poem put me on the verge of tears. Like that feeling, that pressure that rises up out of your heart into your throat before you commence crying… it reminded me so much of my past. I guess I should say thank you.

  14. "angel of the darkside" says:

    PUBLISH A BOOK…………………………….

  15. Mike C. says:

    Excellent piece…palpable pain…
    Thanks for sharing,

  16. Dark Raven says:

    Another great piece of work from Raven! Keep it up!


  17. jessica says:



  18. Alice says:

    This was beautiful. It is so much like my past it has brung me to tears but they werent tears of sadness because I know that even though they are gone maybe they are happier. I hope to see more of your great work. It speaks to me as it probaly does to all the others who read it. Thank you …

  19. lonleybitch_05 says:

    i really love this poem it seems so much like how i feel right now good luck on your upcoming poems

  20. Kitten says:


  21. CRuel ObsesSion says:


    *is very jelouse of your talents.*

  22. Kristal says:


    I just want to give you congrats for writting this pieace of poetry, this poem awakened my past with my ex boyfriend Rob. We had this sort of "DEEP" relationship where it truely wasn't about sexual tendicies or anything along those lines. You see he plays the guitar, writes songs and poems himself. So I get the sense he's a little intune with his inner self as well.

    I want to say this poem is unbelievably wicked, and I think you should continue your passion of writting of feelings. There's nothing better than doing that.



    Keep it up

  23. Lonely_White_man says:

    Nice poem…I cannot relate, but I am taken a back by this poem, and how well thought out it really is, i had to read over it a few times to really undertand it, but the 3rd time, i finnaly did. As all of your soul-crazed fans are saying, Well done, I am looking forward to your next Masterpeice.

  24. Dark Poet says:

    That poem was amazing keep on writing those breath taking poems!!!!

  25. lonely_white_man says:

    whoops, sorry, i forgot a few weeks ago to give you a lonely white man meter rating….7/10

  26. Driyna says:

    truly explains how it is when someone dear leaves you. you live dead.

  27. tarryn says:

    i love it, pure genious. i read it like 5 times. Your an exellent writer. I write to

  28. Ariel says:

    i loved this poem. it expressed how i feel about an old lover down to the point. it hit home it really did. as a poet myself i appreciate good poetry. and you made it to where you can feel what the person in the poem feels. it was very very good.

  29. unknown says:

    I love this poem, I can relate to it. your a great poet.

  30. Babs says:

    Thank you….I'ts weird but i felt that this poem spoke to me (i'm all embaressed now) so thank you for writing it. Babsx

  31. Sally says:

    Wow that was amzing i loved it , IT reminded me about a past relationship

  32. bipolarchick says:

    it's a really great poem. Keep up the good work!

  33. silverNcold says:

    i love this poem it reminds me of my ex boyfriend. your words are so beautiful!!

  34. Haileedish says:

    Wow, pretty sweet. As others have said this reminds me of a past, fist and never will be forgotten love. Oh, why does change have to eat so much?

  35. melissa says:

    it reminded me of my relationship with my exboyfriend you see im into witchcraft i did a spell and i became obsessed with him again

  36. dark*fairy says:

    i love it i could so relate to it its like i have gone through what the poem talks about in life and even though no one could see that i felt like that i could see what the person ment its like so many of my poems that write non of them are happy they all talk about lost loves and how i could only think of them later when no one is around

  37. Black_Soul says:

    love it raven nice work. i can very easily relate to this.

  38. Lindsey says:

    I liked the poem I myself am I ametuer poet although my talent is laking in all expression I must say that my peers believe that I am exceedingly mature for the age of 13. Although since when did a dawn come that I cared about what others were so willing to say about my soul? I do not believe that age really matters. I try to excell at my life. I must say that I am failing to miserably. This poem reminds me of my life when I thought I was like everyone else when I thought I was not a social outcast when I was what people called popular I now see that it is weekness to depend on your posessions to have friends.

  39. Jessica says:

    I just stumbled across this, and I just had to tell you that your poetry is truly amazing, and beautiful.

  40. zhangs says:

    Your poetry is beautiful.

  41. dark angel says:

    you have a beautiful gift…you made the words come out that i always wanted to say. please dont stop writing.

  42. becky says:

    i justr want to say that i love this poem, i think it holds deep emotion and intensity which makes it so deep and moving. I can relate it to my life which is probably why i adore it so much. Ill treasure the words as they mean so much. What a great job and by far the best poem i have read!

  43. Timmie says:

    I love this…I think it may be my new favorite…so simple and beautiful…and hopeless romantic that I am I can relate to it fully…your words are amazing as always.

  44. Fatal says:

    wow. this drew me to tears. it is an excellent piece of work. I really admire your talent. Your anguish makes me want to hold you and never let go because I know the pain. I love it.

  45. My own suicide says:

    Gr8 this site just makes you want to read more and more

  46. Briana says:

    Wow, Raven. You're poems.. Are simply amazing…

  47. X_bleeding_mascara_eyes_X says:

    this poem relates to me because my bf and i just broke up recently and i really still do love him and he said he still loves me but we can never be again and now i really need him and want him back so god damn much but he will never feel the same about me as i feel about him what goes through guys minds 24-7? how to make girl's upset or something it is just really hard to move on from him because i love him and always will but just knowing we can never be is killing me inside!

  48. X_bleeding_mascara_eyes_X says:

    i love these poems by the way they are so totally awsome im reading them all

  49. jo says:

    its like you dived deep into my mind and picked out the words that i really do not want to say.

  50. Cassandra says:

    wow, tears actually fell down my face while reading this. This is exactly how i feel at the moment. Tragic.
    This poem is beautiful.

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