Unbroken Hearts

How do you expect me to cry for you
just because we’re saying goodbye
Yes, it hurts for me to lose you
and I’ll miss you until the day I die
But now that the truth has been spoken
I know my heart can’t be broken
Because this is a sign from above
that I have not yet learned how to love

I hope you will wipe away your tears
and see that this is for the best
I know with time you’ll slay your fears
and move onward with your quest
But please leave not a word unspoken
for I know your heart can’t be broken
Because you can’t break a wounded dove
and your heart has not yet learned how to love

I know that time will heal our scars
and soon we’ll leave this hellish place
But I’ve lost the heart to chase this star
and I must break this net of lace
But before I leave, take this token
and know that our hearts can not be broken
Because I know what we are made of
and we have not yet learned how to love

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One Response to Unbroken Hearts

  1. tear drops says:

    wow i can totally relate to this poem it reminds me of me and my ex boyfriend.we're still chill though i guess thats a good thing!

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