I don't expect you to understand me
I know how I act
the words that I say
the things that I feel
and the way that I live my life
are all mysteries to you.
You held me
you cherished me
and now you watch me disappear
fading into the mist of a darkened wood
heading down paths you dare not tread
and opening doors you thought locked for good
But that's where we're different
you and I
where you saw safety
I saw a prison
Where you saw a closed door
I saw opportunity
Where you saw taboo
I saw nothing but emptiness and lies
So no, I don't expect you to understand me
No more than I understand you
and your laws
and your petty ideals
But I ask you to let me live
as I let you
Give me the freedom I crave
Spare me your ill tongue
or your spiteful gaze
I offer neither to you
All I seek is the freedom I need
the freedom to open the doors
the freedom to chase my trails
and the freedom to follow the dreams that suit me
That is all I ask of you
and that is all I ask of the world.
Because I can break all of the ties that bind me
save the ones imposed by my fellow man
in a senseless bid for safety
in a world missing all notion of compassion
I can throw my shackles aside
and unlock my own chains
all while rotting in a world devoid
of even the basic concept of understanding

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98 Responses to Understanding

  1. Dana says:

    This poem should be shouted from the roof tops! It is all have wanted to say to a vast majority of society for a long time. This is a wonderful poem and I relate really really well. I think it is great

  2. Midnight says:

    That was so amazing.. I'm still in awe..
    Your poetry is just "wow" i love it all.. My favorite one is "embrace" :D.. but this one is my new favorite.. You write so wonderfully.. 😀 thank you


  3. Acid Raven says:

    Bravo Raven, Bravo…your work never ceases to amaze me…your eloquence astounds me, never give up writing, you have a wonderful gift.


  4. Jessica says:

    Wow! I love your poetry. You have the gift don't ever forget to be honest when you right. Honesty is the most inportant quality in a writer.

  5. Hughgo says:

    Well How very true that is…I love your pomes…

  6. Alexis says:

    That is a very good poem. You have a gift that most people only dream of having. Thank you for sharing it with us and the rest of the world

  7. Talea says:

    I love your poetry, all of your poems I have read touch me in a deep way. Mainly because it reminds me a lot of myself…This poem in particular…your a talented writer, thank you for sharing your works….

  8. Jennifer says:

    i love your new poem! and all of your others they say what i want to say but dont know how to…

  9. Belinda says:

    This is a great poem. You know your kind of the reason I started wrighting poetry of my own resontly. Well love the poem and keep it coming.

  10. Arcana says:

    Raven, i dont know why you're unsure about this piece. i like it. a lot. it makes sense.

  11. Bran. says:

    I feel that way sometimes. It resonates.

  12. Alysa says:

    Oh wow hunny.. You are extreamly extreamly right with this poem.. You are amazing again! love it. IT is really great

  13. Upir says:

    Raven I'm going to have to meet you some day, your work is incredible and you never seas to astound every one around you. You have talent, you have the power to be something big and make your mark in this world. I hope you use your gift to its fullest potential.

    Upir Lichy

  14. Andrew says:

    All i can say is So Very True, So Very True. Great poem man keep writing.


  15. Raven says:

    Hey just wanted to let you know that my nickname is Raven but that's your real name right?Keep up the poetry you know how to really touch people through poetry.I admire you!

  16. Rachel Schelin says:

    Wow. That poem fit how my school life is exactly. Almost everyone here at North Central either want me to move, or want to kill me. I need something to say to everyone to let them know how I feel. Your peom says what I feel. Keep up the good work!! I love your poems!!


  17. Courtney says:

    excellent poem just excellent!

  18. Misty says:


  19. Raven Blackjade says:

    I completely sympathize with you in this poem. People need to let those who walk a different path walk it and never hinder them.

  20. april says:

    i can totally relate t you in this poem!!

  21. ashleigh says:

    your poem kicks some major ass i know how you feel im going through the same thing with a guy named chris anyways you should keep writting because you're really good at it. all my luck ash

  22. Megan says:

    This poem touches me, even though I listen to the words of so many unspoken lies and thoughts. If anything could have related to me in this way, it was this. It was beautiful.

  23. Elisha J says:

    This poem kicks ass so much it rocks it touches me deepr than anything ever has you rock xxxx elisha j manchester

  24. RAMON NAVA III says:



  25. Andreas says:

    Some people have a hard time accepting that different people needs to walk different path in life but one need to walk his path or he will be lost. I think you got a great thing in this poem. I could never have put this to words as you do.

  26. vengance i seek says:

    wow~ that was amazing. i can relate. not everyone walks the same gravel road.. some are less traveled and while others are equiped with directions.. certainly talented you are. wow..

  27. krystal says:

    I am speechless i can relate so much to this poem! i absulutly love it Raven! I felt as if you wrote it for me! please keep up the good work i love your stuff!

  28. Linda A. Chavez says:

    I understand this poem completely. Some people don't want to let go . But you keep trying to be let go. And whoever they are they'll never understand why or who you are.

  29. kyle says:

    i totally know how you feel with this, this is one of the greatiset poems i've read for a while, because i can realate with my parents on this on so much

  30. Nima says:

    Alas, this society has such boundries that are tiring to get across…basic "understanding" eludes the people we might expect the most to understand you or me. People are double edged swords, they hurt the people they love the most…ur poem captures much of the essence of this situation….keep weaving such poetry Raven, and soar high

  31. Alicia says:

    Wow. I love this poem. I have experienced these feelings before, and I know what you feel, for I feel it too.

  32. Tim says:

    wow…who made that poem. its really good. well i gotta go…

  33. tiana says:

    to the person that wrote the last comment raven wrote this poem just like all the other ones, duh

  34. Joe Porter says:

    this poem basicaly describes my life, i feel like this almost everyday of my life, it is very movig in my heart

  35. dark dreamer says:

    I can relate to this poem. Just a couple minutes ago my mom said she didnt want me looking up death and stuff. What death? you feat what you wont embrace…right? I dont fear death. Its a natural part of life. srry, getting off track. but my point is that my mom doesnt understand me or accept that im a goth and that i see the world for what it really is. And its not all sunshine and rainbows…thank god. But i am me, and your poem i am going to give to her. It will help me tell her im an individual and i need freedom. Well…your probably half asleep by now. Thank you for your poem. I look forward to more.

  36. Krystian says:

    I can relate to this poem but of course many people can…I wrote a poem with the same idea but it wasn't as good of course…I am but an amateure writer…great poem love it!

  37. Chellisa says:

    This is exactly how I feel towards my friend Nich.

  38. sheila says:

    i loved this poem and i can so relate to it
    i wish i could write something like this sound real good

  39. Black Heart says:

    I read this poem to my guy and it totally describes him and how he feels about himself! It is amazing how most of your poetry reaches how we feel!!!

  40. Autogothrotica, Squire LTD says:

    I cried melencawly tears for the misery of this athor and the other desgruntled youth who visit this site… for their agany, there… despare touches me deeply… tnx to the devine fingers and magnificently horid mind that grased the internet with this beeutiafully dark peece. never 4get who and wut u are. whiney.

  41. Symphonyofdarkness says:

    this is a masterpiece of a poem . it truly defines the way the world is to those who have different views . thanks again for another relevant poem .

  42. Samantha says:

    I think this poem is kind of a summary of how we all feel inside at one point or another. When we want the world to just go away and leave us alone, when we're tired of hearing how we're different and how we have to change….I'm grateful that at least some people are willing to put their feelings out there so that people have somewhere to go when they feel that life is too much and they need to feel accepted by at least some people. Thank you.

  43. Raven Ashley says:

    Amazing. I absolutly loved this poem. I don't even think the words I'm trying to express, would do it justice. Again, amazing job.

  44. Andrea says:

    Loved the poem.

  45. stephanie says:

    i totally know exactly what you're saying and feeling. sometimes i feel the same way.

  46. Jennifer Myers says:

    Wow Awesome poem!! Great Job!! U Totally Rock!!

  47. Lately Fallen says:

    As i read this poem it stirred feelings that were there but i was pushing down.
    it was exactly the release i needed, it was exactly what i was feeling. thank you

  48. Monica says:

    I really felt attached to this poem because I can really relate to it on a vierity of levels, you did a really good job and are very talented with your words. Keep up the good work.

    Monica age 20
    Salem, Oregon

  49. mel says:

    I felt real emotion and attachment to this particular poem, you write about feelings that people feel all the time, and it explained how feel in such depth, i shall tell people about your inspirational poems, thank you

  50. Jessica says:

    You have a way with poetry, that makes everyone relate to most of what you are writing. Such a unique talent. This is one of the favorite ones that you have written. Keep on writing and I'll be looking forward to reading them.

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