I am a watcher
that is what I do
I go to crowded clubs
perhaps places I don't belong
pull up a chair
or a table in some dark corner
and watch
Sometimes people notice me
point fingers in my direction
or make loud comments
I was meant to hear
I do nothing
I just notice it
and file it away like everything else
I know people fear me
They have to
But they fear me
not because I do bad things
or even good things
but because I do nothing
nothing but watch
I know these people
I know who their friends are
what they like
what they hate
who they're sleeping with
That's what scares them
it frightens them to know that someone
knows them unbiased
knows their weaknesses
knows their vices
perhaps even better
than they understand themselves
They fear I've passed some judgment on them
that by watching them
somehow I've ranked them
They just don't understand me
I pass no judgment
For I am a watcher
I am a witness
I am no judge
It's not my place to uphold or condemn
But I do meet these judges
They come up to me
and ask me things
Perhaps curious about me
or maybe just trying to tap into my wisdom
for their own selfish benefit
But I do not speak truthfully to them
My wisdom is my own
and I never part with it
I just talk in riddles
and watch as they try to make sense of them
For that is what I do
I am a watcher
I watch Gods, judges and men all the same
In a darkened corner
of some crowded club
never interfering
never changing
always learning
and forever watching
for that is all I do
and ever will do
For I am a watcher
and will be until I die
and perhaps even past then.

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2 Responses to Watchers

  1. Carly Smith & Heather Goodwin says:

    first off, this totally describes me(violent carl) in so many ways that it is frightening. Heather=it was really good. it sounds so much like it came out of your journal or something.
    Both=we respect your work and hop*e* to hear more of it sometime soon.
    Heather=i am not a goth, most people call me preppy, but Carly is and she reads me her poetry all the time. You both write like one another, and i find it extremely interesting.
    Carly=i am not a goth. i do not fit in your steriotypes of what is right and what is wrong. but we love your poems and your stories. keep up the good shit.

  2. Gainsaid says:

    A true watcher.This is the only path in life that a watcher should take.We exist in a realm only others would dream of,and there we have all the secrets of the revolving world around us.

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