Waters of Life

Into the tempest sea of life we're tossed
as if flung by the hands of some ungrateful father
we're plunged, kicking and screaming, into the insanity below.
Above us is a peaceful dream world
a place that we, as mortals, can never hope to reach
but all around us and beyond us is a sea of confusion
a mass of anger
and a cloud of self-pity
all of which we created
all of which came from our own hearts
and our own darkened humanity

As time goes on we learn the ebb and flow
of the insanity that surrounds us.
Like a leaf in the water, we ride the waves of our struggles
without direction or understanding
just the happiness of knowing we live in the shadow
of a perfect world not far beyond.
We, for a while, are unsinkable
and perhaps even infallible
as we shift across the dingy-gray tears
that humanity has so kindly cried at our feet.

But it's never long before the storm clouds gather
and mask the perfect world we once adored.
It's then the seas begin to bubble and leap
in a vain attempt to reach the shrouded heavens.
As one soul rises, so another must fall
and the waters of humanity begin to boil hotter and hotter
first with excitement, and then with rage.
Rage at the Gods for shrouding the dream world.
Rage at those who leap higher.
Rage at ourselves for keeping the water boiling.
And rage at a species that cannibalizes it's own soul to survive

But as the hope dies off
so is lost the fuel to keep the sea of tears boiling.
An eerie calm creeps over the gray waters
and though the sky remains storm-cloud black
not a soul moves to reach it.
The water of life is as still as a graveyard
only flowing forward at the order of father time.
It's the kind of place where insects lay their eggs
and snakes come to make their home.
But though they bring nothing but fifth and disease to those around them
they are always greeted warmly by the stale waters of life

But in just a few short seconds, it's over.
Just a short plunge over an invisible precipice.
The water never fights its fate
nor makes any attempt to reverse its course.
It just bubbles briefly as the realization sets in
and disappears into the mist below
perhaps to run the same course again
or perhaps to just disappear forever.
But regardless of what lies beyond
as each tear falls through the air for those few precious moments
It, for the first time, touches the kingdom above it so craved
and briefly breaks free from the insanity and misery
that had surrounded it for so long.

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