What Forever Means

It wasn’t that long ago
we were saying our good byes
but I never got to say thank you
for all the things that you taught me
most importantly what forever means
at least when it came to me and you
It means until you’re tired
and don’t want to play anymore
or until I’m useless
and you’ve got all your kicks
Was it forever until you’re quit
or forever until you’re bored

So tell me the truth
did you ever really care?
did you love that boy you held?
Did you just use him like the others?
and toss him when he was spent?

Now in the end I know
that it’s all for the best
We’re both much happier
and moving on with our lives
but still the questions linger
like a shadow cast long before
for the life of me I’ll never understand
how forever can be so brief
just until you’re hurting
just until it’s not easy anymore
or until someone better comes along
Is it forever until I’m broke
or forever until you let it die?

But tell me the truth
did any of it matter to you?
or was it just another cheap thrill?
was everything you said a lie?
just like happily ever after and forever.

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