Where Are You Now?

Sometimes I think of you
and wonder where you are
and if you think of me on lonely nights
or dream about me when there's nothing left to dream
I don't expect you to miss me
and I know the phone will never ring
with your voice hanging on the other line
but I have to know
if I'm in your thoughts
or if you forgot about me
like you promised you never would
I can't bear the thought
of what we shared
being nothing than a footnote
in a forgotten chapter of your life
and even though I only think of you
during the loneliest hours of the night
Part of me is still hoping
that you're thinking of me
when I'm busy not thinking of you
So shed not a tear for what we lost
nor heave a sigh for what could have been
Just let me grace your thoughts
when the night hangs long and low
and everything will be right when we awake
in the worlds we've created
in the many years we've been apart

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  1. Dark_Cyrus says:

    Can it be true?… A first comment position? (even as I type this I bet it's being stolen)

    This poem was incredible. Tonight seems to be an excellent night for nostalgia for me. It's a very meaningful and emotional poem, and as excellent as all the others…

  2. Electronic_Glam says:

    This poem is so great! I love your work, but this one touched really close to home. its an incredible peice. i love it!

  3. Aimee says:

    This is a really emotional piece of work. It's kind of ironic too because tonight I was thinking about my ex and my thoughts were expressed perfectly in your poem. Good Job!!!

  4. zee says:

    I Love It! You Are So Elegant with words….This hit me deep cuz i can relate… thanks for giving me something so see and enjoy much….

    Dead Cold Kisses
    Draped in

  5. Indriana says:

    That was just beautiful mate, the way you tap directly into the emotions of being apart from someone you once loved…I have not the words to praise you enough.

  6. fuming_lake says:

    beautiful, good work

  7. Tara says:

    i really liked your poem. it made me think of everything going on in my life

  8. Nima says:

    Memories of a love that didn't have a bitter, hating end and that included you would never be closed off in a box in the mind…they'd be replayed over and over to be cherished forever…

  9. Sunset says:

    I really like your poetry Raven, some are the best I have ever read however I didn't like this one quite as much….Maybe I just didn't feel the flow.
    Keep writing the good stuff!

  10. edelmargioallen says:

    When space comes between two people, so many things fill this gap. Thoughts and fears of us having been being forgotten, memories we want to capture once again, so overwhelm us that we forget there is still tomorrow that we should look forward to.

  11. Alysa says:

    Oh wow raven.. I am amazed… you always seem to capture my emotions and put them into words I love it… alot! I am in love with your words… thank you

  12. Bran. says:

    Tip of the iceberg… Upon the state of my being.

  13. Avylon says:

    This one hits really close to home especially since that's the way I feel about my ex whom I've been thinking and dreaming about in the dead of the night. It's awesome and I don't think anyone could have done better.

  14. Red Widow says:

    For some reason, your poems always describe what I'm going through. You're really talented, Raven, and I love the fact that you're letting others see that. It's inspired me more to do so as well. But this poem, it's just something else…Beautiful, as always…

  15. Amanda says:

    When I read this, I cried. It made me think of how much I miss Travis.

  16. Blaze says:

    Oh my god, when I read this I wanted to cry. Reminds me so much of what I'm feeling for someone. I miss you Deoshread!

  17. fallenangel says:

    wow that totally discribes me and my boyfriend and our relationship!

  18. Belinda says:


  19. mandi says:

    it's beautiful. i absolutely love it.

  20. Praise Me says:

    ok… am i the only person in the WORLD that is not talking about my ex or my love or whatever? this poem is good for what it does: it makes you think. Just appreciate raven's words for the message behind them, not "i'm so sad".

  21. Emberstar says:

    One of my favorites, I love this poem. I feel this way lying in bed not just thinking about past lovers but also friends that touched my life and the people that are long gone. I wonder if they still think about me, just one good memory the way I remember them.

  22. Dyrk says:

    This poem hit me in the face.I just stumbled across this site by accident but wow. My girlfriend Dariko just left america to go home to turkmenistan and I'm left here wondering where she is now…

  23. Nick says:

    Really great man, Im new to the site and that was the first I read. It's so perfect for whats going on in my life. I love the site already, its going straight to my fav's

  24. Kia says:

    This poem is one of the best I've heard. Worth publishing I think. Keep up the good work!

  25. Black_Soul says:

    I love this poem. This is the 1st i have read. This is my new all time fav site. This describes me and how im feeling now. Thankx i love this poem.

  26. MidnightBellz says:

    Thank you, for once again expressing my thoughts in a way I never could.

  27. sharon says:

    i got to half way and couldt stop crying…it was like every line wrote was about me and how i have been feeling… beautfull poem xx shaz xx

  28. Kerrie says:

    I just think it is sad that you lost the love of your life… I know how you feel and if I could put it into words… it would be just like you have… The feelings you have you feel them in your words…and in the thoughts you have talked about … Keep loving… and learning you are a strong man…

  29. Audrey says:

    this poem described how i feel about those poeple that i let slip away and some aren't like others but for the most part the few i loved i let go ,,, this poem expresse's my feelings for the ones that i did truelly love with my heart

  30. Nicole Simm*** says:

    hey this poem REALLLY touched me alot cause i'v been going thought alot latly with my b/f or shal i say x b/f now..an this poem really made me think..like if he really does think about me or not..so i just that i'd tell you this is the bed poem out of your thing as far as i have read i'v only gotten throught the first

  31. c.c. jagger says:

    i only wish that the person i could say this to could actually hear me. i had a dream last nite and in that dream that person told me that they never loved me. i pray that that special person thinks of me and still loves me.

  32. Valkyrie December Mercy says:

    I have prided myself on being able to forget memories. And reading this has brought back one of the worst i've ever know, and the hardest one to forget. I don't ever show my feelings, but i was close to tears upon reading this poem. At night, i woke up with tears streaming down my face and i had been dreaming about that poem and the memories it brought back. I don't feel, but this poem made me feel. Congratulations, and even though it unearthed pain, i needed to read that poem. Thank you.

  33. Amy says:

    this poem reminds me of a special someone… i had tears running down my face when i read it… it's a wonderful poem

  34. Nicole says:

    Omg i love this poem so fuckin much, i can relate so much you dont even understand i just got to this site and once i layed my eyes on it i loved it.

  35. Tiana says:

    Raven! this is an exellent poem. it is sad and touching and well written. I'm sorry that you lost your love. My brother lost his first and only true love for three years, recently i helped him track her down. They plan to get married this august.

  36. Shadow Lander says:

    i've taught myself over the years to block out all emotions in my head that make me more depressed, and that includes memories. this made memories come back into my head i usually wouldn't have let. it's brought back pain and suffering and i am admitting to weakness..but it has none-the-less made me think more about the situatuion i wanted to forget, so thank you, because maybe now i can see it in a more accepting way, and can once again block it out. (in other words, good poem =)

  37. Samantha says:

    This poem made me think…It is hard thinking about someone for long periods of time, with lots of concern, wondering if you even so much as sneak into their minds. Its, in my opinion, depressing, because you only have that little ounce of hope in your heart of hearts that they're thinking of you….great poem.

  38. Andrea says:

    Another exellent poem, but this one depresses me. heh. It made me think of Val, and it made me miss her more so than I already do. :(…. But still an exellent poem. 😉

  39. Rachel says:

    i really like this poem it really touched me in so many ways and i hope it help other people like it did me…

  40. mourning goth says:

    I NEVER FORGOT YOU iv beenreading your stuff since 2 months ago i found you again by accident i…i still remember you:( 🙂

  41. renee says:

    this poem reminds me of someone i wish i could forget

  42. Elizabeth says:

    This poem is one of the best I have ever read…it touches the soul of a reader that has felt pain like that and makes you feel agin what you needed to feel.
    I loved someone like that once and reading your poem reminds me of all the feeling that are left behind…

  43. Emma says:

    i love this poem. i almost have the same situation. i write dark poetry a lot, but mostly about reasons to live, and how life is a knife, that just keeps stabbing and stabbing at you, until one day, you fall to the ground. but life will keep stabbing, until all the blood runs cold out of your limp body. so it comforted me to know, that im not the only one suffering from lost love.

  44. unknown says:

    vey good poem this discribes what i've been through with my girl lying, cheating and leaving me for another guy good poem

    fading into the


  45. VIVIAN says:

    This poem kick's ass.Its basicly all true.Its like if someone was telling my life.I also write poetry ….MOST PEOPLE THINK IM CRAZY "The truth is im not, I just seam to love death .I have a very especial dark side.I gues thats why most guys never seam to bother or call.This poetry tell's you about someone that is lonely,or just got forgotten.And is still wondering if there rememberd.I love this poem and im wondering if i'am rememberd. BY VIVIAN

  46. lady says:

    this poem helped me gather my hopes and dreams of the love that i lost and shattered them and i thank you for that.
    thank you

  47. simplesoul628 says:

    I just wanted to say that I think you've written a wonderfully passionate poem. It touched me. Thanks for sharing it.

  48. Maadjyde says:


  49. Chelsea says:

    that poem reminds me so much of how i think of a past relationship that still lingers in my thoughts. good to know u feel the same. thankyou raven for writing beautiful poetry.

  50. anna says:

    this poem is beautiful yet it reminds me of a past relationship which just came to an end one week ago tomorrow. -sigh-

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