White Knight

Upon the kingdom Nameth
in the days of old
there was a lovely princess
whose hair did shine like gold
and though her face was pure
the color of virgin snow
her heart was black and heavy
no love to make it grow
she strolled outside the palace
onto the kingdom's plain
taking refuge under storm clouds
and crying in the rain
in the distance her ears beheld
a sound not hard to read
it was the clomping of hooves
under a galloping steed
through fog and rain her eyes
could still so clearly see
"a knight, a knight" she cried
"and he's come to rescue me"
he moved so swift and quick
upon his mighty beast
"a brave and strong soul" she moaned
"and a gentlemen none the least"
With every clomp and every breath
the night began to near
She opened wide her arms
she knew there was nothing to fear
She knew his arms would lift her
up toward the sky
but when she opened her eyes
the knight had passed her by

Now somewhere there is a field
where the rain will never fall
and a princess with hair of gold
sits there crying for it all
She lost her knight and lost her heart
and watched them slowly die
all because of that fateful day
that the knight just passed her by

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One Response to White Knight

  1. Timmie says:

    This will always be one of my favorite poems of yours…

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