You Come To Me

You come to me
with your fancy cars
your jewels so pure
and promised stars
You've come to me
to buy your soul
to get what I take
and to fill your hole
I've killed your spirit
so you must break mine
with little trinkets
that glitter and shine
But your money
can't stop my wrath
or shield you from
the impending bloodbath
I've come to show you
just who you are
a preaching madman
one bridge too far
You tell me about
the god you keep
and wish to see me
bow and weep
But I see what you are
and were before
I see you as nothing
but money's little whore
It eats you up
that I'm alive
because I live fully
while you deprive
Your money can't buy
you love or joy
it can't buy you true faith
or a perfect little boy
So close your eyes
while I clinch my fist
I'll pummel your brow
and disappear into the mist
In my wake I'll leave
a sorry creature that pleads
for some end to reach
all of his needs
For you, my friend
I have no heart
only the wish
to be far, far apart

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