Younger Times

There was a time
When the world was much bigger
The days seemed longer
And life's little mysteries
Were still mysterious
We had not the time for calculus
Nor the wherewithal to question God
We were simply content to exist
And play in a world with not a worry
But the how's and why's
And the color of butterflies

But the days went by
And began to grow shorter
Innocence was lost
In a single heartbreak
While books complicated
Our simple, perfect minds
The time for tag disappeared
Between literature and biology
No time for the world without a worry
Save the how's and why's
and colors of butterflies

Now we watch eagerly
For the dun to dive below
Looking at Rolex watches
Marking every second in our minds
Time's too slow yet life's too short
To believe in monsters and fairies
We must drop to a kneed
To simply talk to a child
Because in him we must destroy
The wonder of the how's and why's
And the color of butterflies.

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