It's a common misconception that gothic poetry must be about death. However, gothic poetry can be about anything. Some of the typical topics of gothic literature are love, religion, coming of age and even hope.

While it is true that gothic poetry and other forms of literature are on the whole dark and sad, that does not mean they are designed to be painful. I, for one, have no desire to prolong anyone's anguish or my own.

Rather, for me and most of those who read my site, gothic poetry acts as a catharsis, as a way to vent negative emotions so that we may move on with their lives. I'm certain that if gothic poetry only made people more and more upset then there would be a very small pool of people to read it.

However, this site is not just about gothic poetry or even other forms of gothic literature. It is also about the times we live in. Inside there are many fresh takes on world issues and common problems that people face.

Rather than building a site of just poetry and literature, I have built a site based on the idea of helping people through bad times and using the gothic literature as a tool to help vent.

I encourage you to read more and when you are done with your trip, do take a moment to respond. I thank you for your visit.