How can I show you
that you are beautiful
when you always look the other way
Finding imperfections
with every living breath
feeding yourself deceit
every night as you lie in bed

How can I show you
that you are beautiful
when you see only flaws in the diamond
and not the sparkle that it holds
You judge yourself with consequence
tearing down what nature built
and turning it into darkness cold

How can I show you
that you are beautiful
when you don't look into the mirror
save with tear-streaked eyes
How can you see yourself as I do
when you're peering through a looking glass
warped by doubt and loathing
brewed within your mind

How can I show you
that you are beautiful
when your beauty is just too much
and leaves me lost for words
choking on every thought
while trying to explain something so clear
that it is written all over your face

How can I show you
that you're beautiful
when the world is not enough
and a million voices
fail to change your song
unable to silence
the doubt that beats away

No I can't show you
that you're beautiful
No matter how hard I try
But I'll whisper it to you every night
as you drift off to sleep
and hope that one morning
you'll wake up with eyes wide open
and see yourself as I do

A perfect diamond
A stunning reflection
and a ray of sun
piercing my own darkness
taking the clouds away

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117 Responses to Beautiful

  1. Christina says:

    I love this!! It truly is beautiful. *smiles*

  2. Samantha Shoaf says:

    This poem kicks ass hardcore, man. Whoever wrote it rocks my brain through my skull ~Samantha~

  3. paul says:

    I like it! why? cuz it reminds me of the many situations the people I know through themselfs around screaming im ugly, cutting themselvs down into there very souls.

  4. Lilly says:

    WOW!! I love this. I love who wrote it.Its meaning is beautiful and strong.

  5. Jayme says:

    Hi Hun,

    there are no words that can describe how I am feeling after reading this. It is Truely Beautiful and very Deep….But also shows a wide array of emotions that fo further than the eyes can see. Beauty is a thing of mystery we all look at it diffrently, reading this poem made me think back to how I use to be and think of myself, it opened a door I had long closed….the words touched me deeply.. I hope to find more of these 🙂 and to the one in whom this Poem is written for…"you are beautiful. just look closer in the mirror and you will see what he sees in you, there is beauty there"



  6. barbi says:

    this is written as if it were written by my sweet baby…joel…how he feels about me and what he sees in me that i can never see my self….i loved this poem it was awesome! : )i love your work ! b~

  7. Pretty Kitty says:

    this reminds me of what my x boyfriend used to say to me about my looks

  8. nobody important says:

    it is exaxtly what you titled it. beautiful…

  9. Raven 72 says:

    Another great piece of work Raven! This intrigued me!

  10. Andrea says:

    I don't know what to say that hasn't been said before… It is a truly beautiful poem… and I'm sure that most everyone can relate to it in someway because everyone has insecurities or has dealt with someone with insecurities.

  11. bronwen says:

    the meaning of the layered words are of the way we often see ourselfs in a world where blindness is the norm and beauty often escapes us. great poem.

  12. Rebekah says:

    Awesome poem! To me its one of your best! Keep writing! ***

  13. Justin says:

    Wonderful poem, in my opinion it is the best I've read in quite some time. It's easy to relate to as I believe many people can.

  14. Alexandrea says:

    Wow..that poem was amazing. I think it's one of my favorites that i've read by you. Really, good job on this one. You have a lot of talent.

  15. Bran says:

    This opened me to another way of knowing, another point of view. Thank you, dear.

  16. Amber blubaugh says:

    I really loved this poem!!

  17. Morfanna Elvira Raven Rayne says:

    This poem is amazing and beautiful. I loved the last few lines that you wrote about the sun taking away your darkness. It made me want to cry. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work Raven!

  18. Ashly says:

    I love this poem. It really does show how many beautiful women cant see the beauty in them and those around them tryin to make them see it. I love how you expresses this in the poem.

  19. hisham says:

    such amazing poem

  20. Sorrow says:

    dude if u r a dude ur work is great i appreciate being able to read something and understand it this poem is exactly wat i use to my ex but she never listened dude this is the first poem i have read off ur site i hope that the rest r just as good

  21. fallen angel says:

    dude it was great i totally get it

  22. Nemis says:

    Another great piece of work Raven. I realy enjoyed this one just like all the other ones. Keep it up.

  23. mark says:

    yeah, this is realy touching and i understand the feelings you expressed in this poem, thanks for more insperation

  24. kim says:

    This is an amazing poem! I love it!

  25. Ben says:

    All it takes is for one man to make a woman feel ugly and worthless and her life can be evermore filled with self loathing. Your poem rings true.

  26. april says:

    this poem makes me think of my self in a way. i kno that i am not gorgeous but i see that i am pretty. people look at beauty differently what one person thinks is beautiful another could think of as ugly. i am not ugly and i kno that but i will not lie to myself and say that i am hot but this poem touched me deeper then you will ever kno and i am glad that there are others out there that feel the same way. i love you raven please keep up the emotional work i love it.

  27. Maddi says:

    I have to agree that it doesn't take much to make a girl feel horrible and ugly.

  28. Ashley says:

    Makes me think of myself. I think I'm ugly looking and everything when everyone tells me I'm beautiful or hott or cute. I just can't believe him and it makes them mad. I love the poem. <3

  29. Brianne says:

    I love your poem! **claps** It is very ture…. Reminds me of one of my friends.

  30. Lone says:

    that was beautiful u sound like my ex he always said things like that!!

  31. ruth says:

    thank you

  32. Stephanie says:

    if my poetry had even half as much deeper meaning as yours does… You truly are perfection.

  33. steph says:

    god this has so much meaning to it. it truely a beuitful work of art, and very inspiring.

  34. Shelby says:

    wow!!!! that was an amazing poem!!!


  35. Fallwn-Angel says:

    That poem is so true to what I feel and what others say. I am the person who dosen't think they are beautiful.


  36. as ur blood tricles down my blue lips says:

    perfect it reminds me of the time ….. ha ha so many memories every1 says i am beautiful but i always push that thought away but now i know that i can be beautiful thankl u raven

  37. Tom says:

    I love this poem,I had to send it to my girlfriend.I think you are a great writer.This wont be the last time I read this.

  38. emily says:

    this poem really expresses your feelings

  39. Amber says:

    Aww… *tears* sounds like the things someone has told me. Oh.. I'm really crying..

  40. kitty says:

    i love this poem i cried it is very good i love it it is deep and i love it you are a very good poet

  41. Tyler says:

    Hay Raven I Finally Found a new favorite. This Is a poem that Is better than "Just Words". any way Keep Writing These Awsome Poems Case They inspire everyone who reads them… expectially me. so thats All

    Tyler Dean

  42. Pierce says:

    Of course. . .its amazing. Happy Holidays

  43. Jna says:

    you know… this poem. is the story of god trying to tell some-one who thinks he or she is worth nothing, and prays to god to help him or her out of his or her missery. When the answer and way lies in themselves.

  44. Stephanie says:

    This poem is beautiful. It is so sweet…

  45. Liz says:

    This is perfect I can realate to this so well i am beautiful i know it i think but its just to hard to accept the fact that i am beautiful when my world is filled with such hate and anger

  46. Jessica says:

    This poem is amazing. I can relate to it. I read your work and I love it. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  47. Sarah says:

    **Sniffle**I think that you express your thoughts in a very perfect way.**Applause**

  48. hannah says:

    This poem is amazing, you have extraordinary talent, it clearly states what you had to say and does it with poetic beauty…

  49. Holly says:

    Its really good. Its ture, on how some people look about others, and how the person looks at themself.

  50. Anna says:

    this poem really toched me i really enjoyed it and i bet every poem will do the same i will never stop reading the poems that get posted on here

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