People like to think that I'm just bitter, that the scowl I carry upon my lips is a sign of some general disgust that I hold for the world. But those who know me best, know me better. They know that I am not a creature filled with bitterness and hate, but a creature filled with love, who is simply selective in who he spends it on.

Why should I waste something as precious as love on those who would do nothing but take away my time? Why should I respond with anything but malcontent when they try to deprive me of even the smallest amount of what I hold dear?

I'm not bitter at the world, just the vast majority of it. People who want something from me, my money, my love, my time, my compassion, but offer little or nothing in return. Those who add to my life and enhance my existence, I cherish, those who would take away from it, I vanquish.

Most of the world is nothing but a dragon with a billion heads waiting to bite and strike. A multi-fanged vampire wanting to drain me of my life and the things I hold dear. That much I believe. But before you call me bitter, say it in front of those I love and who love me, say that before those who have earned my trust and my companionship, say it before those who will prove you wrong.

For I can assure you dear erroneous fool, I don't have a problem with the world, just you. Just you and those like yourself who would drain me of my time and resources. I hate that and why shouldn't I? It's my duty and my will to live that causes me to despise that. It's the same that causes me to love those who contribute to my existence.

So while I may be a bitter human being, at least rest assured that I don't discriminate, I don't blanket and I don't hate needlessly. Rather, I just choose my friends very wisely and those who are the closest to me understand the value in that.

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