The mind is a weapon. Like any weapon known to man, with great skill, training and preparation it can be a formidable tool of attack or defense, an invaluable ally in times of conflict. However, also like any other weapon, the mind can be used against its holder and instead of becoming a tool of defense and protection, it becomes a tool of self-destruction and self-devastation.

No one wants to be their own worst enemy, no one wants to struggle within for the strength to do even the smallest tasks. However, every day millions of people wake up to that exact grim prospect and have to overcome the struggle within before they can even think about dealing with the struggles outside their own mind. It's sad, but it's also very true.

You see, a lot people seem so content on beating themselves down that they focus on nothing but their deficiencies, their inadequacies and their inabilities. Rather than taking a look at what they do well and mustering together the tools needed to conquer life's little battles, they seem determined to crucify themselves battling within their own mind, literally rotting within the confines of their own skulls before keeling over not to the forces that truly plague them, but their own inability to focus their energy on the problems they have and the mistakes they've made.

The mind is an incredibly powerful tool, thoughts, whether we admit it or not, do change the world around, prophesies are always self-fulfilling and thoughts we have and the images we keep define who we are and what we are able to do. If you think you are nothing and no one, you will always be right. Even though there is never a guarantee of success in life, I can certainly guarantee failure and that's exactly what you'll meet if you can't stop turning your most powerful weapon against yourself.

That's why the greatest challenge we face is not to overcome impossible odds, to climb mountains of outrageous misfortune or fight off the hordes of hell, but to realize, deep down, that we are all unique people with many talents and assets. Imperfect we may be, but we all have something to offer, skills that are useful and the chance to make the most of all of them.

However, none of us have a chance in Hell of doing that if all we focus on and dwell upon is what isn't there. We've all made mistakes, we've all done dumb things and we've all had hurtful things said to us, but none of that matters. None of that changes who we each are and what we all bring to the table of life. We all have a duty, an obligation to take what we do bring and make the most of it in the short time we have on earth and we're never going to accomplish that if we don't stop turning our minds against ourselves.

There are simply too many battles out there, too many demons to be killed, too many problems to be solved and too many injustices to be righted for us to waste precious energy beating ourselves down. The world doesn't need martyrs; it needs heroes and if you aren't ready to stop fighting yourself and step up, then get the Hell out of the way. Whatever petty qualms you have with yourself and flaws you have don't justify wallowing in your own self-pity, not when there's so much to be done.

So don't think of this rant as a philosophical debate or a discussion about an idle issue, view it as a challenge, a challenge to see yourself in a new light, to step up and join the ranks of people who are ready to focus their energies on doing something productive, make something of their lives and make a difference in the world.

If you're not ready to meet that challenge, like I said before, step aside and watch as those of us who've learned to control our self-doubt push onward and upward to new heights, heights you'll never be able to dream of because too much of your energy is spent between beating yourself down.

But if you are ready to meet that challenge, to get your confidence, to see yourself as the person you can be, then I welcome you to step up and join the push. The world needs more people like you and, personally, I'm waiting for more people like yourself to find your way to my side.

After all, I spent far too much time battling my own demons to befriend those who either can't or won't move on from theirs. Because, even though I don't know where my struggles lie, I know they don't lie in fighting other people's battles for them. My energies will be focused elsewhere and I encourage you to do the same.

Trust me, you'll be much happier and much stronger that way. If you achieve it, you'll see what I mean…

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3 Responses to Confidence

  1. Zohra says:

    You trembled my soul.
    I agree with you with all that you said but then… who'd tell us that what's the good thing in us that we are worth for living?…
    Confidence is neccessary and I want to read your words again n agian coz I am sure they have such a strength in them that they might change me one day.
    But your these words "Trust me, you'll be much happier and much stronger that way. If you achieve it, you'll see what I mean…", make me dweel in my past, feeling stronger and happier and freedom… God I miss that man…. again, why do I have to rely on somebody else to make me feel that?… I hope I can be enough for myself someday!
    Keep Writting and be Good! >_<

  2. Valerie says:

    Ah, finally something we disagree on.

    My demon lies in a cage within myself. While I do see some "good" about myself, he often sees bad. When he gets loose he parades around my inner soul, scraping and gnawing and tearing me down. In a state of dispair and in a pit of my own sorrow and fears I find who I really am.

    Staring in a mirror I remind myself I am not special and I am merely one of the crowd. I have unique features, an ugly body and a insanity-struck mind. But my soul works much like others, and no greater or lesser then need be.

    My realism is viewed as negativity.
    I deny it.
    My views are my own.

    In being able to see my own flaws and deeming them imperfect and unacceptable, I also am able to view others flaws as gifts. In tearing myself down to the roots I am able to see what makes a human work. How delicate emotions can be. How one unthought phrase can bring one to self doubt, which in turn can lead to worse. In being "negative" to the worlds eyes and in facing the conflict with nothing but lust for the pain and fear it brings I am able to bring to the world a better individual.

    Without my lack of confidence I wouldn't treat others with the care I do, I wouldn't be understanding to others flaws. I would expect perfection from others. Instead I expect perfection from myself.

    My little demon treats me badly, so that I will treat the world the way I wish everyone would treat me.

  3. Ivy says:

    I just want to say that I am quite lifted. I have a hard time speaking my mind and singing in Choir, singing in front of the class. My teacher always has to point out the fact that I don't have confidence for myself. I know its there, I've sang in front of people before. I get hard on myself for doing bad, but then I realize when I look at people who are ALWAYS trying to be a martyr, it's really annoying. They should stop complaining and do something about it. Your article really puts me back into focus of what I can do rather than what I can't do. Thank You.


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