Whenever we walk this cold planet we call earth we wear some form of disguise. We hide what we truly feel and think by wearing our faces differently than our mind tells us too. It's a sad state of this world, but it's a true state and a necessary evil to say the least.

However, I see through these disguises for I know how a smiling face can hide a flood of tears and I know how loving eyes can hide hate so deep-rooted it eats at the very base of a person. I know the tricks we play on each other and I look right past them with the greatest of ease.

I used to wear those disguises, I was a grand actor on the stage of the world playing the part of another content soul when in truth a great fire was burning well within. I know these disguises, I see through these disguises because I wore them. I know them all to well…

I no longer wear those disguises because I am a disguise. I am a figment of someone else's imagination and I am a paradox that simply can not be. I wear no disguise because I can not, no matter how I try.

I've walked through my life looking through tinted lenses to make myself content. I wore my disguise from sunrise to sunset the same as everyone else. But when I nearly drowned because my disguise was pulling me down I abandoned it, like so few others have.

The world would be much better without these hideous things, these disguises. I say to everyone here, throw away your phony smile, keep your lips stiff when you feel the need and say only what you truly feel. Don't do anything because it makes you look good.

Don't do anything to maintain your disguise.

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