New Moon

There's a new moon out tonight
and it's the darkest night of the year
You can hear children crawling beneath their beds
and clutching their sheets in fear
while murmuring their prayers and hitting their lights
as they wait for the sun to appear

There's a new moon out tonight
and it's the coldest night I've seen
Lovers lay close by fires burning bright
slowly breathing in the soothing scene
as they smell the smoke from a thousand chimneys
and watch as they give the air a hint of filthy green

There's a new moon out tonight
and it's the quietest ever heard
No cars nor boots traverse the streets
as the night forever remains unstirred
with its perfect stillness only broken
by the silent flapping of shadowy birds

There's a new moon out tonight
and I can feel it call my name
Though it sits still and cold
it whispers all the same
calling me to walk the empty streets
perhaps to join her in a game

So though there's a new moon out tonight
it rests alone no more
It has me by its side
to share the things the night has in store
and it's there I'll walk in the chilling air
until my moon sinks below the floor
only to rise again another night
to call me out my door

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51 Responses to New Moon

  1. Alan Cummings says:

    Ah, the moon. An object of passion and fantasy for man for the past thousands of years. Another great piece of poetry.

  2. Dani says:

    Interessting poem!!! I wish that you wouldnb't write such destresing poems!!

  3. Dan says:

    Very well written. The meter of the poem fits eloquently with the depicted mood of the new moon. Quite good.

    P.S. It always seems like we release new poems around the same time! Isn't that strange? lol

  4. Court says:

    very well written, you should write more like these…it keeps the reader intreaged…well done

  5. John says:

    oh that is nice, it calms my soul. thank you

  6. Bludwine says:

    You can tell you're really trying to get back into the poetry scene with this piece because you've given it such careful thought. Its nice to see you experimenting with your styles instead of acting like a pompous know-it-all and generating huge amounts of 'sappy, exadurated goth'. So well done, its refreshing to see fellow aspiring writers trying as hard as they should.

    I think you should use this personal success and start crawling back into the poetry section a little by little, because I truly believe that, although you've found other ways of expressing yourslef, you'll never truly be content if you forget about those sacred moments when you sit back to reread a successful poem you've just finished…

    Theres something inside every great lover of the written word, and thats the eternal urge to create verses, it is truly the art of language manipulation, and if you push yourself, and disallow everydayness to distract you, you can easily master this literate weaving.

  7. scruffy says:

    this is like the best i've read so far just thought you'd like to hear that

  8. Bonner says:

    I'm kinda sleepy, so i can't think clearly right now. But i do think this poem is amazing. You just keep on surprising me, thanx for that.

  9. Otsego says:

    not your very best, but great all the same. i think you could have done better with this particular piece.. at least gave it a little more thought. mechanics, how words play upon others and also the reality of what you're trying to say. contradicting words and ideas don't often work well together.. again, great, but not your best. then again, this is coming from an amateur.

  10. Briana says:

    captivating poem, one that must be read in full silence to let your imagination run with the words. In my opinion I think this is a very "wintery" piece. It reminds me of the long cold nights of winter that dominate most of the year in the north. excellent work!

  11. satania gothique:) says:

    it is an awesome poem to me and my friends who read it,it becomes moving in the middle part of the poem. i think it was alittle better than the little apple poem. it does become wordy and it has some tendency to lose ppl in it. all in all it is a great piece of work. good job my friend.

  12. Brandie says:


    I want to talk to you asap. Email me when you can.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Great poem. Its captivating and full of calming emotions, yet packs quite a punch. i love it and you just keep writing better and better. nice poem, especially since it deals with the moon lol. Congrats on your skills man

  14. Sasha Mateer says:

    I really liked the poem.the moon is the one thing that i'm obssesed with

  15. Joker says:

    Its understandable…could use more of a darkside though. Nice poem. Good work, yet didnt make me shiver. Wasnt dull, yet wasnt exciting.

  16. Shadowlander says:

    first time i've read a poem on this site…and it was a nice intro…will be waiting to hear more of them..

  17. Zoe says:

    I love it.

  18. Kathryn says:

    Love it, i agree with ya xowie. 🙁 or is it zoe now?

  19. Nancy says:

    I realy like it. Especialy because it takes place at night.

  20. shawn says:

    dude that was tight i hope you write another but even better

  21. Kronic says:

    nice poem, its really good, it reminds me of summer nights in my home town

  22. numbisbliss says:

    the moon is one of the most enchanting things ever. every poem writin about her are special in one way or another. this poem is was beautiful. i really liked it.

  23. Queerie says:

    Raven, you can really tell that you felt through this poem, in shows in your use of punctuality, the arrangement in words. Actually the arrangement, not the content, nearly reminds me of william wordsworth; which is worth a read

  24. georgie says:

    these words fit together well, but as you write and release your poems they're sticking to the same kind of emotion every time, love. in this poem the night is a 'Her' and you write about feeling drawn to her, but still good all the same.

  25. clare says:

    I can see what you are trying to say in this poem.
    and using the moon is a great way to keep people interested,it gives the reader a fantasy feeling of passion and fairytales, because it doesnt matter if the writer tries to show 1 thing and the reader sees a lot more. Poetry gives every individual an idea og what is going on in the poem, u have given many.

  26. Frankie Weller says:

    Ahh another piece of art, the moon is the greatest thing in the world, i do enjoy your poem and be proud of it. i thank you for giving me the honor of reading such a fine peice.

  27. Vanesa says:

    You are a great writer! I love the poem! Please post some more poems on here!

  28. eclipse says:

    wow ! that gave me shivers i love you

  29. tiana says:

    wow! your poems are really good. this is my first time on this site and i was just expecting another dumb site but you are a really really good poet.

  30. Tigra says:

    you truly are a wonderful poet. a friend of mine introduced me to the site and i've been looking off and on. this is a wonderful site with wonderful material. i also give you props on your book its great! mega-sized kudos!

  31. Lita says:

    This poem is really beautifully written. Reminds me of like, the best time i ever had. (probally my worst moral one too) but its beautiful… even though it seems to have a slight dark undercurrent.

  32. Liz says:

    In particular, I enjoyed your use of metaphors and symbols. There are very deep analogies in "New Moon." I enjoyed it.

  33. Jay says:

    This Poem Is Wonderful The Way You Show The Fear It Can Give And The Lonliness It brings Its The First One I Have Read From You But It Was Wonderful It Spoke To Me In Ways Most Poems Cant The Way Its Written It makes You Seem As Though It Is A Mother Calling Its Child But Then Again Wat Do I Know 😀

  34. Valkyrie December Mercy says:

    Perfect and beautiful, there is nothing else to say.

  35. james says:

    very nice this is the only one ive read so far that had ryhme very musical nice flow

    im trying to get away from that style i dont do blank verse very well b

    great poem

  36. myemeraldmind says:

    The moon has always been an inspiration to me being and artist and poet myself. This poem is breath taking and inspires emotions within me. Sometimes I am so much in awe by the moon that I cry and this poem reminds me of those feelings.

  37. Erik Jenkins says:

    It is a great poem and will never be forgotten by those who read it.^_^

  38. Erik Jenkins says:

    It is a great poem and will never be forgotten by those who read it.

  39. Joanna says:

    Thank you for the inspiring poem. My son is 10 years old and having a hard time in school with poetry. We sat down today after school so I could discuss and show him the many different genres. We found your site through a search engine. My son automatically thought it would be depressing. He was very surprised to see different. Thank you again and you now have a two more fans.

  40. Richard says:

    I think poem is fantastic!!! So great there is a loss of words to explain it.

  41. jason weinberger says:

    hay raven i do have to say that was an intence poem i fount my self in that poem my wife told me to come to the sight to check it out so i did my wife is shes told me that u have been writeing her and giving her advice she has sent a couple of them to me so i can reading

  42. Jennifer says:


  43. Jay Taylor says:

    wow!…. that poem was fantastic! I want to know though, where do you get your inspiration from? the last poem I wrote was like a suicide note, once again, wow! can't wait to read another.

  44. Ray says:

    this is one of the best i have ever really speaks to me. what i'm curious about, is what made you write this poem?

  45. Kitty says:

    i love it

  46. Williow says:

    the beginning kind of scared me, thats such a great poem! I esp love the ending!

  47. nanzuvy v says:

    i love this one as well it talks about the moon how dark it is. the night rocks!!! like totally.

  48. Siobhan says:

    In a weird sort of dark way I can relate. I love the majesty of her ladyship, the moon, it draw me out of my dorm just to gaze upon her pearly complextion.

  49. Angel (aka roxy the demon girl) Adams says:

    Your poem is fright could use a few blook drips though or skulls that would definitly be fright dont you think? the moon and darkness are my best friend even though i have a gang. every body knows this girl hates barbies clones (but that has nothing to do with this comment) keep writting your fright poems and I'll keep reading

  50. Angel (aka roxy the demon girl) Adams says:

    Your poem is fright could use a few blook drips though or skulls that would definitly be fright dont you think? the moon and darkness are my best friend even though i have a gang. every body knows this girl hates barbie clones (but that has nothing to do with this comment) keep writting your fright poems and I'll keep reading

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