The Prediction

I was walking down the street when a friend who I had not seen in some time passed me going the other way. We both stopped to talk but after I greeted her, she looked up, raised her hands up to the sky in pure frustration and screamed, "Please tell me I will have a better day!"

I looked at her oddly for a second and then put on the best poker face I could and said,"You desire three things, before you sleep you will get two," and abruptly walked off.

Several days later I saw her again, this time in the cafeteria. I sat down next to her and asked her if that horrible day had improved. Her face lit up and she began to explain.

"When I woke up that morning, my car was dead and I had to get a friend to take me to class. Then after my first class, my boyfriend came up to me and said he wanted to see other people and to top it off, at the last minute, I checked my history syllabus and saw I had a test that evening. Then I saw you."

Judging from the smile on her face I could tell things must have improved and I told her to go on.

"Well, after I spoke with you, I hit the books and didn't let up until class started. I wound up acing the test effortlessly. Then, when I got back home, I decided to take a chance and call my boyfriend. By the time we got off the phone, he was in tears over how stupid he had acted and didn't know what had overcome him. I was angry but decided to forgive him, he's been very good to me for nearly a year now and I didn't want to let cold feet break us up."

"I'm glad it got better," I said.

"Yes, and your prediction came true. I desired three, my car, my boyfriend and my 'A'. I got two of them. But how did you know?"

"Know what?" I asked.

"That I wanted three things."

"Because everyone wants three things," I said.

"But then how did you know that I would only get two?"

"Because everybody only gets only two, just good enough to cut it, but not perfect," I said. "It was the safest prediction I had ever made."

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4 Responses to The Prediction

  1. Cloud_9 says:

    Whoa, this one was pretty cool. It was witty and straight to the point. LOL, if you want my opinion though, I really think that he was just psychic. 😛

  2. Alicia says:

    hi i'm alicia i write alot of poetry also, but i was woundering if you have any love stories that have gone bad or if i gave you a little something about something that is going on in my life if you could write something about it in a story or in a poem.? please get back to me Alicia

  3. Amy Lou says:

    Very impressive. I have only read a few of these stories, but each one seems to show a greater knowledge of human nature. which is something i take quite an interest in myself. please, do continue your writing.

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