There are those among us who are born with a gift, a gift that lets them see the world in the way few mortals ever could, in a way that eyes alone can never begin to comprehend. These people, these few but proud people, take a look at our world and see not the mass of humanity and objects that exist, but what can exist. They don't see what is, but rather, they see what could be.

That, as they say, is a power beyond belief.

Where most people take a look at a blank sheet of paper, an empty building or a human problem and offer it only passing thought, men and women blessed with the visionary touch see a world of possibilities, an infinite number of chances to create, improve and contribute.

Visionaries literally drive our world forward, they solve the problems we face, they create the products we use and they build the future for us, a future realized one dream at a time.

But for their contributions, how are these people treated? They are browbeaten, denounced as heretics even called insane. Many are cast aside by a blind society and history is littered with tales of men broken not by their visions, but the backlash to them.

However, just because one person can see something another cannot, does not make him insane. Reality is not still nor stiff, but flexible and constantly changing, shifting with every thought and every action. Visionaries realize that and build upon it, bending reality to meet their dreams, in the process shaping our world in ways that we can't even imagine.

But these people, who come from all races, all religions and all backgrounds, do more than just change our universe, they change our hearts and our destinies. In the same way they build monuments and great works of art, they build hope, they build pride and they build life.

Without visionaries, life itself would stagnate and stagnation always means death. We are a species kept alive solely by our own inertia and without the visionaries to push us, steer us and guide us, we would fall by the wayside the same as countless species before us.

Now I don't claim to be a visionary, though I do have my own visions, that is a judgment for the history books and the world at large to reach. However, I do consider myself a supporter of visionaries and their dreams. Be it an artistic, scholastic or something more tangible, I support the dreams of others, lending a hand whenever I can.

Because, even if I can't share the vision, I know how important it is, if not to the world, than to the person holding it. With that in mind, if I can help in some small way, I share the dream and it's by sharing the dreams that the world changes and twists.

After all, no visionary has changed the world alone. He/She has always had those that have shared the vision and that's why, as important as being a visionary is, it's equally important to share and support the dreams of others.

After all, the support is what separates us from a society of achievers and creators from a society of idle dreamers.

And the latter, of course, is a society no true visionary would ever want to live in.

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4 Responses to Visionaries

  1. symphonyofdarkness58 says:

    very inspiring that there are things beyond our futile lives

  2. fallen says:

    greaT job

  3. katie says:

    wouldn't it be nice if our world could be the way these gifted people can see it. i wish i could be a visionary. however i am not but like you Raven, i will continue to try and support them. p.s. in my opinion Raven you are a visionary.

  4. jemral says:

    this world would be so much better if it had more orginal ppl in it. raven i think u r a visionary.

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